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Sirene Absinthe is a traditional absinthe infused with a unique set of herbs from North Shore. The name Sirene is meant to echo the temptation of the sirens that tempte the crew of Odysseus in The Odyssey.

North Shore Distillery was founded in 2004 by Derek and Sonja Kassebaum, who regard the distilling process as one part science and about nine parts art.

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Perrin Perrin (64)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-12-09)
Absolutely amazing. Neat, Watered, Sugar and water great in all three preparations and a different flavor in all 3 as well. Great stuff.
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manikmathur manikmathur (19)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-08-14)
Wow!! This stuff is awesome, first i loved the way the the drink is made , slow dripping cold water and the puff every drop creates. mind blowing. The taste was something totally unique and changed with every sip, mild to begin with but slowly giving you the mild punches of both flavor an intoxication. It smelt like fennel seeds drying in the sun and that i think added to the charm of this wonderful drink.
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Phizbin Phizbin (432)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-05-02)
I had to be shown how to properly drink absinthe (ice cold water slowly dripped in). But when I did, I became a complete convert. This stuff is pretty remarkable. It's really a perfect, summer evening cocktail with all kinds of complexity going on--not at all black licorice in a glass. Unraveling the tastes int his drink is like unraveling the ramifications of free will in a metaphysics class.
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Irishman Irishman (433)
Rating: 5.0 (2009-06-05)
I have never, ever been a fan (at all) of absinthe...until I met North Shore Distillery's Sirene Absinthe Verte. Wow! The perfect way to drink this is to pour a couple ounces of absinthe into a glass (no ice!) and then SLOWLY add water until it's almost all cloudy. You want one thin little layer of clear at the top, but the rest should be cloudy. Not sure what I mean...you'll see when you start to add a little water to it. Enjoy!
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