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Yeni Raki Âlâ Kuru Üzüm Rakisi

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  • Tier/Percentile : Tier 3
    Proof66 Rating : 275 / 654 0 Yeni Raki Âlâ Kuru Üzüm Rakisi
    Rabble Rating : Unrated
    Type: Other
    Producer: Mey / Tekel
    Origin: Turkey Turkey
    ABV: 47.0% Proof: 94.0
    Price (USD) : $24
    Age: N/A


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Proof66 Notes

Raki, we have learned from the website Raki.com is the official national drink of Turkey and is an anise (think black licorice flavor) flavored spirit reminiscent of an unsweetened sambuca. 

Yeni Raki considers itself synonymous with the Turkish drink. It is made from a distillate of grape pomace similar to brandy, distilled to a high proof and clear quality. It is infused with anise grown in western Anatolia.

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