Gin - Traditional Dry

Golden Moon Distillery Old Fashioned Distilled Gin

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San Francisco WSC

  • 2011
  • 2014

Beverage Testing Institute

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Golden Moon gin is made in a style from the early 1900s. This, to us, means a grain-forward profile popular in genever gins but with a heavy juniper note associated with traditional London Dry style (we have opted to list it as a traditional dry gin). It is infused with juniper harvested locally from the front range of the Rocky Mountains.

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AlexanderExe AlexanderExe (2)
Rating: 5.0 (2011-05-05)
I just tasted a glass of this Gin at a competition in Europe. I've no idea where to purchase it here in the States yet, but I need to find one. This is literally the best Gin I've ever tasted. It's unique in that it doesn't quite fit into any traditional Gin category, but it is absolutely a Gin. It mixes extremely well, but is smooth enough to be enjoyed streight too. Excellent!
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  • - Avalleygal up voted your review on 2014-11-18.

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Review Comments
Avalleygal (2014-11-18):
I don't know how any judge could say it had a "beery" background. It is absolutely the most beautiful gin out there Makes Tangueray and Beefeaters and the other usual gins out there taste like water. The botanicals are brilliant and I was instantly hooked. Truly a lovely way to enjoy a G&T and my neighbor who is a martini drinker was instantly hooked. The bad news is that you can only buy it in CO or order it from Applejacks in Wheatridge, CO


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