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St. George Terroir Gin

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KaiserSoze KaiserSoze (475)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-10-12)
Variety is the spice of life and that’s exactly what we have here. Price-wise, this is on the higher end compared to other gins. However, the complexity of flavors are never ending. Both the aroma and taste is bold, striking, and intense. As a point of comparison, I would liken this to an Islay Scotch – it literally smacks you in the face when you nose it & begin to sip it. Many will just not have the palate to stomach this. The piney/juniper is definitely there, but the sage and other herbs are also very strong and detectible. I enjoyed this straight on the rocks (after letting the glass sit for a few minutes to get some dilution). I also made this into a dry martini at a 1:1 ratio with Dolin Dry, a few dashes of Regan’s Orange bitters and a lemon twist and it was THE BEST MARTINI I’VE EVER HAD, PERIOD! The key is to really stir it well and give it some time for proper dilution. Made this into a G&T with Q Tonic and while I appreciate the uniqueness, I don’t think I will do again. Something was just “off”. Though I haven’t tried it yet, this doesn’t seem to be a gin that would work in a Negroni, especially if your vermouth is heavy on the sweetness. Weaknesses - This is not a spirit I would want to drink all the time. Additionally, this isn’t something you could sip on all night (even if you can really handle your booze), because the flavors will torch your palate after 1 or 2 drinks. I do agree with many of the points noted in both prior reviews. Given the fact this makes such an outstanding martini and is extremely complex and distinctive, I will buy again. Where this loses for me is the fact it’s so bold, it won’t work in other gin cocktails (G&T, Negroni, etc). I give this a solid 4 stars!
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Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (174)
Rating: 5.0 (2014-03-04)
Gin is another of those spirits that is becoming more hard to please critics who often feel they've seen it all. In a craft distillery scene that's swimming in gin and plenty of nose-in-the-air critics serving as the swimmers, the Terroir is one of the few universally acclaimed standouts. Sage and Pine dominate the flavors that we're told are meant to taste of California. Terroir is the perfect name for a gin that speaks so well for it's origins but still maintains a pure, singing flavor that stands proudly with the classics in the gin genre.
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degbert degbert (214)
Rating: 3.0 (2012-09-12)
Waiter, there's a sweat lodge in my gin. OK, not quite, but sage is one of the dominant elements in this gin, along with Douglas fir. Mentally, I was either being smudged for purification or drinking around the Christmas tree, and both of them were not quite where I expect to encounter gin.
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