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Björk Iceland Birch Liqueur

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Bjork Birch Liqueur is based upon a grain spirit but flavored with birch trees and sweetened with birch syrup. This strikes us a kind of sweetened gin, albeit with far different flavor profiles.

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degbert degbert (214)
Rating: 5.0 (2015-07-27)
This is not the Icelandic singer. If you have tasted the Icelandic singer, be a gentleperson and keep it to yourself. can I describe this stuff? Imagine as if you were walking through a pristine birch forest in the winter, while the scent of purest wintergreen and herbs filled your nose, and you were wrapped in soft, luxurious, warm furs. And then someone dumped snow down your neck. The moment of electrifying chill when every nerve in your body wakes up yelling while you're still smelling wintergreen and herbs is exactly like this liqueur. Oh, and it's delicious.
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