Liqueur - Schnapps

Original Danzig Goldwasser Cinnamon Schnapps

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  • Tier/Percentile : Tier 3
    Proof66 Rating : 361 / 728 0 Original Danzig Goldwasser Cinnamon Schnapps
    Rabble Rating : Unrated
    Origin: Germany Germany
    ABV: 40.0% Proof: 80.0
    Price (USD) : $31
    Age: N/A


San Francisco WSC

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Beverage Testing Institute

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Proof66 Notes

Goldwasser is a recipe that makes claims to the oldest brand in the world, founded first in 1598 as an elixir; hence, the "original Danziger." The genuine 22 karag gold leaf is an artifact from the era where the metal was considered thereapeutic for a variety of ailments. The name itself means "gold water" in German.

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