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Kahlúa Coffee Cream Liqueur

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The mythology behind the liqueur stretches back to 615 AD when coffee beans were first cultivated and first distilled in the Yucatan. Kahlua is made from a base of sugar cane (rum) rather than grain and was first officially produced in 1936 as a part of Allied Domecq but it was the redefined formula from 1962 that is known today. The liqueur was sold to Pernod-Ricard in 2005.

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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (335)
Rating: 4.0 (2010-08-31)
A very nice variation of Kahlúa- exceeded our expectations of a line extension. Very convenient to use and much easier to deal with than Kahlúa and a dairy product separately. Excellent taste and easy to use - a winning combination of both ingredients and convenience. If you like Kahlúa you'll love the Coffee Cream.
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Irishman Irishman (433)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-06-15)
Absolutely fabulous coffee cream liqueur! The blend of coffee, chocolate, and cream is fantastic and perfectly balanced. Enjoyed it chilled with a single ice cube, but I'm guessing this would be equally pleasing warmed up on a cold, snowy night or even with some coffee.
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Phizbin Phizbin (432)
Rating: 5.0 (2010-06-11)
Alright, I think this stuff is great.

I rather like cream liqueurs and I drink a lot of coffee, so maybe I'm predisposed to like it. And I also get that it's easier to make than a bourbon that has to sit in a barrel for 8 years and get blended to a precise taste--obviously there's not he craftsmanship in a cream liqueur that there is in a whiskey.

But even so, you can get angry at a bottle for what it is: this thing is a coffee cream liqueur and I loved it. I had it straight and loved it. Then I put it on ice and loved it more... somehow, all the "coffee" in the liqueur came out with the ice (even though it got watered down a bit). I could drink this stuff all night.

In fact, I might.

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