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Pallini Roma Limoncello Liqueur

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Pallini Limoncello is a classic, Itallian liqueur made from Sfusato lemons, sugar, and alcohol in a traditional recipe. They describe it as "featherweight body" and "satiny smooth texture." It was first launched by the centuries old Pallini family company in 1999 to take advantage of the popularity of limoncellos. It is said to be a family recipe.

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ProfessorCocktail ProfessorCocktail (72)
Rating: 4.0 (2011-10-13)
Pallini Limoncello is a delicious combination of grain alcohol, sugar, and lemons grown on Italy's Amalfi coast. It's like capturing a little taste of summertime in a bottle. The taste is of creamy lemon candy, the sweetness combined with just the right amount of tart. For the complete review, please visit
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