2015 and Incoming Scores

2015 and Incoming Scores

The spring is always a volatile time for the Proof66 scoring algorithm.

We think spirits should have to prove themselves with consistent results over time. For this reason, we favor recent scores more heavily than older scores and even the very best results will fade over time until they're "forgotten." In fact, consistency is one of the hardest things for distillers to achieve (to turn the table on the judges, it seems equally hard to give a consistent judging).

This means that every year, we "flip the switch" as new results start pouring in with the spring submissions. When we flip a year, all of the prior year's scores suddenly drop a bit in value and all the new scores start crowding out the old. Those top-twenty lists that seemed so stable at the end of the year often show violent disruptions during this period of time. We're always making daily updates but we're especially busy during these weeks. Some whiskey or vodka that might have been in the top-20 one day might suddenly find themselves off the list entirely seemingly overnight! The king is dead... all hail the king.

For you, the user, that should be a welcome turn of events. Proof66 exists to help you discover and find new spirits. We hope that means you want to see fresh, current lists that allow newcomers to compete toe-to-toe with older, established brands. It should mean you can constantly rely on our top-lists in a given category to reflect the best we're aware of currently on the market. But this also usually creates a steady stream of questions about our scoring methodology.

As you peruse the lists, please remember: the critics are not infallible! These scores are a guide and a guide only with many imperfections, assumptions, and personal biases all built-in. Just having a score of any kind in our database means that a judging body somewhere considered something at least drinkable (if perhaps a bit odd) and there are many, many labels that are silently declined that never reach the public space.

So give equal parts credibility to our Proof66 score, the Rabble consensus rating, and your own instincts... then shake on ice and decide for yourself when purchasing!

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