7 Must Try Spirits of October

7 Must Try Spirits of October

Halloween is a fabulous time for cocktails. Where Christmas and Thanksgiving offer booze as a defense against relatives; where Independence Day is about beer; where birthdays and anniversaries are about champagne or coping mechanisms... Halloween usually brings out the strong stuff with the colors and the theater and the good times. Below are some of our favorite examples of spirits that fit right into the Halloween tradition. 

Corsair Pumpkin Spice Moonshine. Here’s a straight-up American moonshine flavored with pumpkin… or as we like to think, the guts of the Great Pumpkin.

Deadhead Rum. One of the greatest bottles around is this rum that comes literally in a shrunken head based upon the trophies of warrior Polynesians.

Death’s Door Vodka. Vodka’s a great spirit for any party and any holiday but for Halloween… get something from Death’s Door!

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. One of the great marketing events put on a very decent bourbon, this is the bourbon extracted from the barrel - the “devil’s cut.” What better whiskey on Halloween than to steal what is due the devil?

Roaring Dan’s Rum. Everyone loves a pirate but break away from the Caribbean stuff and take a look at the maple flavored rum named for the only pirate ever arrested on the Great Lakes.

Strega Liqueur. How can you not love a liqueur named for the Italian word for witch? A great licorice, bitters liqueur.

Ventura Blood Orange Limoncello: This is a good choice because it’s a great liqueur from a bloody fruit. 


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