Are You a Retailer? We Can Help You Sell!

Are You a Retailer? We Can Help You Sell!

Today’s market provides more daring liquor of higher quality than at any point in history. Yet that also means there's more liquor available than at any other point in history. That kind of inventory is hard to keep track of. 

There really aren't any other websites out there like Proof66. We have over 6,800 different spirits listed in our database and all of them tracked back to competitive competitions from 2004 to present day. In most cases, we have detailed notes designed to cater to curious consumers looking things up on Google. We're independent, so while we report on marketing stories we're not required to regurgitate the marketing bullshit. While no system is perfect, we like to think of ourselves as one of the most effective sources at guiding consumers to make purchase decisions available. 

Best of all, if you're a retailer of liquor then there's no reason you can't have that power available to you and your business. 

Proof66 offers data services that link to your business. Whether an online storefront or a traditional brick-and-mortar operation looking for extra detail for your walk-in clients, we syndicate all of our data and make it available to you. All the critical scores; all the notes; all the literature; the proof; the price; the terroir... it's all there. Because we're a subscription-based service, you also get all of the real-time updates so your notes evolve and improve exactly when ours do. Lastly, we're small, responsive, and very easy to work with. 

We wouldn't know how much time you're spending on descriptions of your products... but we'll hazard a guess that it's not hours every day. For a much smaller fee then spending the time and energy yourself, we can do that for you. Please contact us if data services sounds interesting to you. 

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