Brandy and Android Are Here!

Brandy and Android Are Here!

2012 is going to be a big year for and that means even better and smarter liquor for you.

First Android users: you asked for it and you got it. We’re happy to announce that an Android version of our popular app Liquor Hub is now availabe. This will open up the “other half” of the market to the mobile benefits of barcode scanning, personal lists and favorites, our guru recommendations, and the whole library of our now 5,000+ spirits at your mobile-friendly fingertips. We’re still updating each and every day to augment and expand the selections and it’s only going to get better. For a short time, the app is free while we solicit feedback... so please download and let us know your thoughts.

Second, where’s the Courvoisier? The Hennessy? Even the Korbel? At long last (and after a lot of work) we’re finally in a position to announce the filling of our biggest gap to date: brandy. And not just brandy… we’re now offering listings for cognac, armagnac, calvados, pisco, grappa, and any other eau-de-vie that falls within the genre. This will create a massive increase in our database and something our fans have been sorely missing to date. Hear about a cognac in a rap song? Now you’ll be able to check and see if it’s any good. Currently, we have scores updated through 2011 and are reaching back to earlier results... expect to see lots of additions in this category as weeks go by.

Third, what about all the other competitions? We’re famously choosy about who we choose to list and follow having pretty high standards for judges, the methodology, the reach, and the relevance of these competitions. There are a lot of them out there—more all the time—we’ll continue our commitment to follow only the best. Still, we’re happy to announce we’ll be adding two new competition results to our pantheon this spring.

Here at the offices (and barstools) of Proof66, we geek out obsessively over liquor… we’re still doing it and we’re going to keep doing it so that you don’t have to.

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