BTI Announces its Best Buys of 2008

BTI Announces its Best Buys of 2008

The BTI announced their best buy list for 2008. It's a great concept... especially in these times of economic turmoil. After all, the US federal government may be ready to bail out foolish mortgage lenders, irresponsible banks, fuddy-duddy auto manufacturers, and overstocked retailers but - alas! - the distiller is probably far, far down the list of industries with a powerful enough lobby to request a bailout.

In fact, we can probably expect higher taxes on liquor to pay for the bailouts. That makes it all the more important for frugality in liquor purchases. BTI gives us the following notable - and cheap! - bottles of the past year.

We're not going to suggest these are the best liquors around. But if you're struggling to make ends meet, here are some offerings that you need have no shame in drinking until you're back living the elitist life again.

  • Sergeant Classick Gold Rum for Best value gold rum under $20.
  • Koenig Vodka for Best value vodka under $20.
  • Hispaniola Anejo Rum for Best value dark rum under $20.
  • Margaritaville Silver Tequila for Best value silver tequila under $20.
  • So, always drink the very best you can. But in the meantime, save those expensive bottles and pour some of these into those!

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