Casa de Reynoso: Woman Scorned Yields Tequila for Us

Casa de Reynoso: Woman Scorned Yields Tequila for Us

The folks at Ocotillo Importation kindly sent us a bottle of their Casa De Reynoso Reposado tequila to review.  The back story is quite interesting. Upon a time, Mr. Reynoso was in the dumps at being turned down by a desirable woman. A friend of his showed up with a special bottle of tequila as consolation. Apparently, the tequila was able to turn his attentions from his own unhappiness because he pursued the producers of the tequila and eventually launched his own label. Seldom have we heard of such a happy ending resulting from the fickle decisions of a lovely damsel.

The bottle, which is adorned with a “Casa De Reynoso” Crest and decoration that’s evocative of an old treasure map, is inviting.  The color of the spirit—a hue that is akin to that of oolong tea—is a bit darker than other reposados we have encountered recently, but is certainly attractive.

The palate was very pleasant.  It is not an aggressive spirit, but it has plenty of personality.  It kept us interested over the course of an entire evening, when we steadily sipped it neat without food or drink accompaniment.  We found lots of citrus notes—including semi-tart tangerine and sweet lemon.  The flavor profile was even throughout, with perhaps some honey sweetness at the tail end of each taste.

Overall, this is a very laudable reposado.  It proved to be a great sipper—a significant accomplishment for tequila in its price range.  It also should work very well as a mixer.  It will undoubtedly be fantastic as a base for the myriad styles of contemporary margarita.  Given its citrus notes, we suspect that it will also work very well in any of the refreshing cocktails that dominate the summer season.

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