Distill America in Madison on 2/18.. GO!

Distill America in Madison on 2/18.. GO!

We attended the Distill America event in 2010 and enjoyed every second of it. We liked it so much we attended againin 2011. It was even better. We will most definitely be going again in 2012 and you should too.

Competitive results and professional reviews are always interesting and it’s a good way to discover spirits… we dedicate a huge part of our website to tracking those results. But nothing—absolutely nothing—is as good as getting to try it for yourself. Unless maybe you get to try it for yourself with the distiller pouring it for you and telling you what it’s all about.

That’s the beauty of Distill America. The very best the US has to offer is on display with everything from whiskey to vodka to gin to exotic liqueurs and some other things we never heard of. We had a Wisconsin-made Ouzo last year! There is no better deal where for $60 you can get food and a few hours of trying every spirit under the sun whose retail prices normally would be in the $50 - $100 range each.

If you like bourbon, you should go. If you’ve hated gin since college and need a fresh start, you should go. If you ever wondered what would happen if you distilled beer, you should go. Craft blended with Yankee ingenuity is all on display where some of the most inventive spirits are mixed with some of the most historic brands. It is absolutely not to be missed.

This is not an advertisement… this is just us trying to convince you, the reader, how awesome this event is. Get a ticket, meet us in Madison, and we’ll raise a glass together.  

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