Get Your Own Special Bottle of Glenfiddich Scotch

Get Your Own Special Bottle of Glenfiddich Scotch

Glenfiddich Distillery has leftover scotch.

This shouldn't surprise people. The bigger whisky distilleries have thousands upon thousands of barrels of whisky quietly aging in warehouses. Depending upon the whisky, the environmental conditions, and the type of barrel(s), the taste can vary wildly. That's why the bigger distilleries are even able to offer consistent flavor profiles: they have lots to choose from.

After blending barrels for their particular labels, they have leftovers. Hundreds of barrels of specific types of flavors laying about the warehouse just like scraps in your kitchen after cooking a large holiday meal. Now, Glenfiddich has done something very cool: they're willing to sell you a bottle of it.

Not enough for a true label, there's plenty in the barrel for you and a bottle or two. How to choose? They've created a huge library of different years and agings that allow you to explore. There's also a recommendation engine set up to help you select based upon your tastes called the Taste Profiler. The best thing about the Profiler is that it uses familiar foods and tastes to select your whisky; things like cheese, spices, and citrus fruits are your points of comparison making it easy for the novice to use. In seconds, you get "your whiskies." Here, you can see our position on the "flavour map" with whiskies linked helpfully nearby. Sadly, our nearest whisky was about $3,500 (22,000 pounds).

This is a great thing for scotch fans and it's a fantastic concept in general. In particular, the idea of a flavour profiler is a way to introduce scotch to people who are otherwise intimidated by the price and variety. The simplicity and the sheer fun of the experiment is something we hope is replicated in many other places.

Bravo, Glenfiddich!

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