Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Why don't you slip out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini? (Robert Benchley)

Liquor is, without a doubt, the lubrication of love! There are those neophytes who quickly become overwhelmed and literally drowned in a mental haze of alcohol and - in that fugue state - embrace beer goggles or the like and belatedly find themselves hooked up with some abnormally large and hairy troll (female) or unusually crass and partially-lobotomized neanderthal (male).

Wine gives courage and makes men more apt for passion!(Ovid)

Blame not the liquor! Heavens no... may as well blame the sun for being too hot or a compass needle for pointing north! It is quite something else for the elite! For them, there's nothing quite like your lover mixing you a perfect martini and serving it to you (in the buff, of course!). There's nothing quite as sophisticated as the confidence and precision in ordering a classic cocktail on a date. Sipping fine liquors affords every opportunity for fiery gazes through eyelashes and the suppression of the countless thousands of tiny inhibitions that daily and routinely muffle your passions, your urges, and your confidence. Lo! But for good liquor the human race itself might be a tiny fraction of it is today through a lack of finding that middle-ground between love and lust.
Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy! (Benjamin Franklin)

So in honor of this great day, let us contemplate some small notes on love and liquor.

If dancing is a clue to how men will behave in bed, then surely their ability to execute a grand cocktail is the same. Not only should a Valentine Cocktail be pretty, tasty, and sweet but it should also involve a great deal of work and precision in its creation. It should call for near ruinous effort, tremendous imagination, and hard-to-find ingredients. It should be a labor of love and a demonstration of the dedication the gentleman is ready to lay at the feet of a lady.

No party is every fun unless seasoned with folly! (Desiderius Erasmus)

An American Medical Association poll found 83 percent of college women and graduates said the vacation involves heavier-than-usual drinking. Almost three-in-four said the trips yield increased sexual activity.

There is a marvelous recipe that fits the requirement for effort just so(see shown here at metacafe) that includes watermelon, grapefruits, spices, strawberries, avocado, rum brought to us free from Free Self Hypnosis. (a site dedicated to seduction and dating). Not sure about the hypnosis thing but the drink is remarkable if complicated. And probably really healthy.

There's a nice-looking (and appropriately pink) drink at UKTV Food called an Aphrodisiac Fizz calling for passion fruit pulp, lime, syrup, and a selection of exotic fruits. There's a great deal of chopping and straining. Very appropriate!

TVNZ has an extremely elegant cocktail called the Giovanni Apollo Aphrodisiac Cocktail for Two. It calls for a vanilla pod, ginger, pepper corns, honey comb, and a great deal of champagne. It also requires at least two hours of marinating. The 8th step in the recipe is Make love after one hour or less.

The pinnacle of aphrodisiac liqueurs, however, has got to be the website for Miss Charming and her comprehensive list of specific bottles, cocktails, and even books meant to bring out the lover in all of us. It serves as a kind of aggregation site for all kinds of potions and elixirs.

Of course, as clearly demonstrated in the original film Wild Things by Denise Richards, there are even higher uses for liquor than strictly imbibing.

Happy Valentine's Day from Proof66!

Proof66 is pleased to announce its next testing on Saturday, February 28th. We will be testing liqueurs-all kinds of liqueurs-in a variety of formats. If you would like to make sure your particular liqueur is a part of this tasting, please Contact Us for shipping information of a couple bottles. We'll be happy to give it a shot! (No pun intended.)

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