Hello Noilly Prat!

Hello Noilly Prat!

Don't look now but the true martini enthusiasts across America are roiling in pain and stocking up the basement.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Noilly Prat-regarded as the spiritual nexus of all classic dry martinis-is changing its US formula.

Eric Felten of Journal regards this as a tragedy and the new formula overly sweet and badly hued. "... I'm afraid the Noilly Prat now hitting the shelves is so sweet that it simply can no longer be called dry."

Noilly Prat is made in France for "over 200 years." The barrels age in the open air soaking in the "Mediterranean sun, sea, and wind." Their website is currently devoid of any comment about changing recipes. Maybe, for the USA, its enjoying the open air of Paris's EuroDisney instead of the Mediterranean.

At Proof66 we're taking a more pliable stance. There is an astonishing variety of liqueurs out there right now... far too many and far too good to get hung up on one variety or another of vermouth. If all you're drinking is classic dry martinis, then you're missing quite a lot of really good stuff out there.

If there's one thing this website ought to be good for, it's for finding an alternative to vermouth!!

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