Inaugural Vodka Tasting Results!

Inaugural Vodka Tasting Results!

Vodka! What more versatile liquor is there? It mixes in anything; it can be taken straight as a martini; it can be frozen; it can be fermented from just about any organic matter around; it appeals to everyone from sorority pledges to Donald Trump; and it is the first liquor to acquire some certified rabble score testing here at Proof66. On 9/8/08 we held our first tasting of 8 separate vodkas. We selected brands from the upper-end of the spectrum because we're kind of snooty but nothing over $40

We conducted a blind tasting. Each vodka was frozen for 30 hours and then tasted neat. We had a dozen participants none of whom were in any way anything but amateur drinkers and we even had one person who claimed to hate vodka. This is in keeping with the rabble tradition where Proof66 tries to offer you the views of the professional critics contrasted with the views of the common man.

And so the results:First: Crater Lake Vodka (USA)Second: Ciroc Vodka (France)Third Place (tie): Ketel One Vodka (Holland)Third Place (tie): DiVine Vodka (USA)Fifth Place: Shakers Vodka (USA)Sixth Place: Skyy90 Vodka (USA)Seventh Place: Chopin Potato Vodka (Poland)Eighth Place: Skyy Vodka (USA)

Clearly, the grape-distilled vodkas fared very, very well in open tasting with the potato entry getting pushed down. The industrial Skyy vodkas - even their ultra premium line - simply could not compete with the handcrafted microdistilleries. At the end we say this: first, get yourself some Crater Lake; second, do your best to get a small batch estate vodka ideally from a winery; finally - when out-and-about, order Ketel One. See our tasting notes for each of these vodkas. Congrats to Bendistillery!

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