Industry News: Home Bar Booze Goes Digitial and More...

Industry News: Home Bar Booze Goes Digitial and More...

Project Gutenberg by Pernod-Ricard was profiled in Gizmodo (Brent Rose) where a little video describes how the bottles are reinvented as slender aluminum books that are easily re-ordered and all connected with an app. Interesting but dubious. Rose mentions the logistical challenges (and there are many) but from a collector’s standpoint, how many specialty bottles can’t be ordered or easily tracked on a database? This seems like a system specialized for the “rail-gun” of home bars and little more. Neat video, though.

Sriracha Hot Sauce aged in bourbon barrels has got to warm the hearts of every whiskey enthusiast out there. Guarantee you that Proof66 will be looking at tasting this as soon as we can.

2 Gingers Rum is launching nationwide, which is a nice success story for an Irish whiskey that first started out as a private-label bar brand. We got to taste it ourselves some time ago and declared “We did enjoy it on the rocks… we found it potentially showing well in different cocktails… but it’s a finicky whiskey that demands a careful and considered touch.”

Hood River Distillers acquired Clear Creek Distillery which is an interesting move for two Pacific Northwest Companies. Hood River is known for a number of imported brands so this is a move on their part into the craft-distilling world. Clear Creek on the other hand is almost exclusively hand-crafted berry liqueurs (though they have one whiskey). Those that have been submitted for ratings have done extremely well… hopefully HRD can maintain the quality while elevating the brand awareness.

Now Bacardi Rum is being stolen, as reported by The Brentwood Gazette. With the rise of Bitcoin (and its fall), the fears of hyper-inflation, and the recent theft of whiskey from Buffalo Trace, one has to wonder if liquor is becoming once again a preferred form of currency! In this case, the theft was only about $250… but that’s still a lot of Bacardi rum!

Buffalo Trace suing Bison Ridge continues the craziness around one brand getting overly protective of their name. Sazerac, who owns Buffalo Trace, is claiming that the Crosby Lake Spirits Company, owners of Bison Ridge, released their whiskey “with the specific intention of making a sound- and look-alike product.” This assumes that people generally know that a “buffalo” is an “American bison” and that “trace” is another word for a buffalo traing… though how that’s associated with “ridge,” is a little problematic except as a geographic feature. Quick look at the relative scores on Proof66 should be enough to show the difference between the two whiskeys.

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