Industry news: MIT Helps Out and More...

Industry news: MIT Helps Out and More...
  • This is Beyond Cool. Dvice reports that MIT made two inventions for cocktails: one is a little candy boat that is self-propelled based upon the alcohol strength of your drink and the second is a little flower with LED lights that opens in the drink and then closes, which “creates a zone of hydrostatic low pressure within the closed flower, meaning that once you put the flower in your mouth, you're greeted by a small sip of booze, delivered right onto your tongue.” How awesome is that? Don’t know if they’re available retail but if they are, we’re buying some.


  • Producers are Going Online. This is an interesting bit of news where the UK market is showing up as much more free than the US’s. Producers Diageo and Pernod-Ricard are reportedly both selling direct-to-consumer through their website. Cross-reference with the US where only about half of the states even allow shipment of alcohol and many more states have the so-called “three tier” system that not only denies the producers access to the consumer but denies them access to the retailer as well! (It requires producers to sell to distributors and distributors to sell to retailers.) We’ve never been big fans of that. We like the idea of premium spirits being available to anyone who wants it without suffering under the whim of the distributor or state.


  • Computer Nerds Meet Liquor Nerds. Gizmodo has a long and very nice piece on how bourbon is made. In plain language, they walk through all the details from the grain, to the rules of bourbon-making, to the warehouse and the aging, to the style of barrels, to the bottling. We would’ve been very hard-pressed to do a better job. For Four Roses fans, that distillery serves as an example and lots of interesting details about their process. The Bourbon Renaissance is here!


  • 107 Year-Old Man Drinks Whiskey Daily according to Mutineer Magazine. In what we regard as a heart-warming story of optimism, Mutineer noted America’s oldest living veteran Richard Overton claims his secret is whiskey. He drinks it every morning in his coffee with the occasional whiskey and soda in the evening. Also: cigars. He’s driving a car and walking without a cane, according to the article… makes one thing.


  • Buffalo Trace Opens Experimental Distillery in an effort to demystify what makes a good whiskey. There is definitely some magic going on in whisky-making that’s unknown. We’ve often heard bottlers and blenders comment about the wide variety of flavors that come out of different barrels at different places in the warehouse under different conditions. Buffalo Trace is attempting to isolate those variables. They’ve constructed Warehouse X, with a capacity of 150 barrels that is meant to isolate features of natural light; temperature; airflow; and humidity. The good news for bourbon aficionados is that it might make it easier to make brands like Weller, Stagg, and Van Winkle more widely available. Warehouse X even has its own website

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