Industry News: Tasmanian Whisky Hits the Scene and More...

Industry News: Tasmanian Whisky Hits the Scene and More...

Is Tasmania the place for whisky? In a CNN Travel article (Geoff Hisock), they say yes. The article outlines of a number of distilleries that are scoring well... and our own database supports the critical acclaim for Sullivan's Cove. It's a long ways to go for whisky when Kentucky is right down the way (comparatively) but it's great to see whisky rising in other parts of the world as well.

$3,300 will get a bartender to your house, at least according to Bloomberg. It's a deal spurred on by liquor giant Diageo send spirits plus bartender to your home for the party. Why this differs from a typical catering service is not entirely clear to us. But it's still kind of cool to think of bartenders showing up to your house.

Jefferson's has a nice write-up in Gizmodo by Sarah Zhang who discusses the sea-aging methodology of their bourbon. More temperature swings and more motion lead to greater in-and-out of the spirit in the barrel. Sea aging has been done before and is most famous in Linie Aquavit where the sea-aging is part of the spirit. Something feels romantic about a bourbon rolling gently on the ocean waves...

Mount Gay is in some sort of financial trouble according to the Spirits Business (Amy Hopkins). Reports are circulating that the Rum Refinery of Mount Gay on Barbados has (minimum temporarily) ceased production and perhaps the entire label of Mount Gay is in trouble. This is a rum brand that has a pretty strong critical rating history coupled with exceptionally reasonable prices, so the kind of brand it would be very sad to see fade away. Rum enthusiasts would do well to rally behind the Remy Cointreau brand!

Diageo is also suing Heaving Hill also according to the Spirits Business (Amy Hopkins). It's becoming sort of a side hobby with us to watch the various spirits manufacturers sue each other over their respective names. A strange murky business, this. We personally think the British Navy would have a problem with identifying one of their celebrated admirals in the navy with a notorious pirate. For the record, there's also a Captain Kidd rum, a Captain Edward rum, Lady Bligh Rum (though perhaps discontinued), Pirate's Choice rum, Black Roberts rum, Blackheart rum, Calico Jack rum, and while we're involved in naval rank let's go ahead and include Lieutenant Dan's rum as well. Maybe they're all getting letters from Diageo's ambitious legal team.

Jagermeister has release a mobile app that is guaranteed to end lives, careers, marriages, and all that is good and pure in the world. It's a social media app designed to "create a highlight reel of the group's night out." Great. If there's one surer way to make sure you don't get job interviews, dates, or gifts in your grandparents' will than chronicling a night of shooting Jagermeister, we're not sure what it is.
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