Ladies! Drinks to Order Now that You're Grown Up!

Ladies! Drinks to Order Now that You're Grown Up!

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Sorry. No Rum and Cokes. No flavored vodka and Red Bull. You need something refined and adult, not juvenile. Basics first: hard to beat a good Gin and Tonic or a Vodka Tonic. Add a splash of a fruit liqueur like Chambord or Cointreau. Be smooth: I'll take a vodka tonic with a splash of Cointreau.

Nothing is sexier than a lady who takes her whiskey on the rocks. But if that makes you gag and choke try a splash of Drambuie or Licor 43 in your bourbon or try Frangelico with a little grenadine in your rum.

Nothing wrong with a little cream at a good bar. A White Russian is a fantastic drink: most bars can handle a decent vodka and Kahlua. Instead of a girly frozen margarita, try a Shady Lady, which mixes grapefruit juice and a little Midori. There are endless varieties out there... leave the kiddie drinks behind.

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