Marveling at the Cool of Stunna Liqueur

Marveling at the Cool of Stunna Liqueur

Which liqueur is flirting with a big "too cool for school" tag? Well... when you're kryptonite green, announce yourself as "ultra premium," are featured at nightclubs across America, and sport some military dog tags on the bottle, then that tag might just belong to you!

Allow us to introduce to you Stunna Ultra Premium Liqueur, which came swaggering down the hallway leaving nerdy scotches quivering and girly vodkas week-kneed. It is a glowing, superman-killing green. It is ultra-premium. And it does have dog tags hanging insolently (and inexplicably) around its neck. Two bottles were sent to us for sampling and as it sat on the shelf awaiting the appointed day, passerby who even saw the luminescent green in the bottle were inspired to gossip about this new kid at school that had everyone talking.

Stunna is a bit of a puzzle. It's said to be a blend of premium vodka, tropical rum, and smooth tequila and - if that's not enough - unnamed "other fine spirits." That's just the liquor. The green wonder is also infused with melon and unnamed "other citrus flavors." They name it an aphrodisiac and recommend serving chilled over ice all by itself. So the new cool kid has this mysterious past causing everyone to whisper and point... "What is it? Where does it come from?"

So there's lots of cool marketing around Stunna. It looks fantastic sitting on the shelf in cool bars. It beckons you in the liquor store with whispered promises of moonlit romance... "Buy Me... Buy Me... Buy Me..." can you hear it calling you?

If all you need to do is look cool with your drink, you can stop reading right here. Stunna is cool. Holding it, you will be cooler. It will also make your drink cooler because it will make your drink green. That triples your ordinary level of cool simply by choosing Stunna.

Now, for those of you still reading, in the rest of this article we're going to talk about what it tastes like. It can feel a bit unfashionable talking about the taste of a spirit in this era of crystal cut bottles and sunglasses-adorned celebrities, but Proof66 is like that. We care about the taste. After all - assuming we're going to drink it in a house instead of a nightclub - it's going from their awesome bottle into our plain little glass and then we have to drink it.

And you know what? A funny thing happened when we drank it. It turns out that this green stuff is pretty good.

First, we tried it neat. It really does look every bit like liquid kryptonite in a glass... if Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain, George Reeves or any other Kal-El wannabe saw this they would flee in terror. But there were no supermen present at our tasting so we soldiered on. Tasting it, Stunna had an intense lime essence - almost like a lime-cello or other lime liqueur - but it's gentled (gelded?) by the taste of their melons and other exotic fruits. The melon is certainly present but there's an added sweetness from something else we couldn't quite place. Pineapple? Kiwi? It's hard to say. Thankfully, while being sweet, it's not an overwhelming, syrupy sweetness. It goes down nice and clean, which is appropriate for such a low proof spirit (it's 40 proof or 20% alcohol, which is about half of what you get out of most vodkas, rums and other spirits). It's hard to pinpoint exactly what Stunna is: it's not quite lime, it's not quite melon, it's not memorably sweet, it's not mouth-puckeringly tart. In fact, if this drink has a flaw, it's too smooth and too easy on the palate. It demands nothing and drops down the throat with a hearty "Yum!" and then is gone.

Next, we shook it up on ice and strained it in a glass. This was fun because the Stunna got nicely foamy and the white foam lightened the green in wavelike swirls that later deepened to Kryptonite with time; that was fun to watch. Chilled and foamy, the lime came out a bit more and of course the proof dropped to the point where you could throw the stuff back like soda pop. If you're looking for a shooter that you can do multiple rounds of, you've found it here. There are probably whole hordes of summer picnics that want for nothing more than to drink Stunna on ice in lieu of lemonade. If you can score a few bottles and a few dates and some sunshine, you will forever hold Stunna dear to your heart.

Let's move on to some cocktails. Cocktails, by the way, are contraindicated on the Stunna website where they recommend drinking on ice with nothing else. But in our opinion it was here, as a mixer, where we feel that Stunna truly shines. Drop this in a vodka martini in place of vermouth: very nice and crisp. Float it on a vodka-tonic: it adds a delicious fruitiness to the more astringent tonic. Out of limes for your mojitos? Try a little Stunna, which mixes quite nicely with the mint and the rum. We don't think there's a white spirit on this earth that wouldn't gracefully accept Stunna as its date for the evening. This is one of the most highly versatile liqueurs we've ever tasted... here, in cocktails perhaps, is where its refusal to take a committed flavor profile turns to its favor for sliding into a drink with hardly a ripple.

Did we say Stunna was the cool kid at school? No way: it is the ultimate partner that can be anything you need it to be. The polite smiles and wholesome conversation in front of the parents; sizzling nights in the boudoir; or singing arias while paddling down canals. It can complement anything you care to be doing... a great accompaniment though perhaps not the star. Our recommendations go to this liqueur as a great, sexy mixer.

But best of all, it makes the drinks green. And that is always cool.

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