Notable New and Updated Bottles: 3/2014

Notable New and Updated Bottles: 3/2014

A lot of new releases came out as the industry prepares for the award season kicking off this month with the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A lot of new releases from the big companies plus a few noteworthy items for the little guys:

Absolut Miami Passion Fruit and Orange Blossom vodka has been re-released as Absolut Karnival… get ready to celebrate Rio.

Absolut Texas Cucumber and Serrano Chili Vodka: always a fun time of the year when Absolut releases their now annual flavored release honoring a specific place. Here, they move from cities to take on the entire state of Texas offering southwestern cuisine with flavors of cucumber and Serrano chili.

Caorunn Gin: received a 95 point rating from Anthony Dias Blue in Tasting Panel Magazine (January, 2014), which is cool in and of itself, but he also remarked: “I made a martini with it and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had.” This is quite a statement coming from the man who founded the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and has probably tasted hundreds of gins over the past several years.

Captain Morgan White Rum: Bacardi Silver has a challenger. Perhaps irked by the challenge of Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan has responded with their own silver rum. Let the media wars begin!

Corsair Quinoa Whiskey: for those of you who’ve been pining for this hipster grain to be made into a whiskey, the inventive folks at Corsair have your answer. It’s a blend of malted barley and quinoa… for now, the only quinoa whiskey in our entire database.

Drouet & Fils Ulysses XO Cognac: nailed a 97pt rating from the 2014 BTI review, which is a tremendously high score. We’re not sure how widely available it is and you can’t exactly slug it back at $125 per bottle… but even at that price point it’s a steal for that kind of rating.

Gordon’s Elderflower Gin: just released in 2014 is taking the popularity of the elderflower flavor right to gin and recommending it with tonic water.

Gran Patron Piedra Extra Anejo tequila: a new prestige tequila released by Patron. If you’re into the glamour of the product, then this $400 offering with hand-numbered bottles should make you very, very happy. It’s aged for 3 years in oak and designed to set the tequila connoisseur apart.

Kringle Cream liqueur: in this pretty awful winter one cannot help but be reminded of Scandinavia where they revel in such cold climes. Well, to honor their kringla cookie, Kringle liqueur has been released based upon the flavors of that cookie. Perhaps warm it and drink while you’re contemplating the snow to channel your inner Viking.

Plantation Original Dark Run: looks to us to be a great bargain. It is a Trinidad rum aged in both American Oak and French Oak barrels and looks invitingly complex. $20 seems a steal for that sort of sophistication.

Three Olives Elvis Presley Coconut Water Vodka: a new release from the ever-trendy Three Olives appealing to all of those who adore The King. And maybe coconut.

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