Notable New and Updated Bottles on Proof66 (12/2013)

Notable New and Updated Bottles on Proof66 (12/2013)
Some of the new and exciting additions to our database.
  • Gera Vodka was awarded its 3rd 96pt rating in a row by the Beverage Testing Institute in October (with supporting—albeit, more modest scores—from the other judging institutions we follow). This vaults it well into the first place category of all vodka on the website. It’s not widely available in the United States—at least, not yet—but if you are a vodka fan looking for something “superbly clean” (to use BTI’s phrase) then this might be your vodka.

  • Tecnico and Rudo Tequilas is a brand meant to celebrate the flamboyant and boisterous Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling sport. If you or anyone you know is a fan of this spectacle, the bottles come with iconic representations of the combatants and this would make a very worthy gift.

  • Don Amado Rustico Mezcal came through with a huge 96pt score from BTI this year. We’ve been very enthusiastic with our praise on a number of mezcals coming out of Oaxaca that are just begging to be discovered… this appears to be another.

  • Sovrano Cream Limoncello is having a great year scoring both a double gold medal at San Francisco and following it up with a 94pt score from the BTI. These scores combine to make it one of our top 20 liqueurs on the website. For those who like the idea of mixing citrus with cream (and can find this brand), chill it in the freezer and serve as a shot.

  • Sullivan’s Cove French Oak Cask Tasmanian Whisky proved one of our signal points—the professional critics don’t always agree with each other. This whisky scored a relatively modest Bronze Medal at the 2013 San Francisco competition but was named “Southern Hemisphere Whiskey of the Year” by Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible with a 96.5pt rating (out of 100). We love the numbers; we report on the numbers; but the numbers aren’t infallible.

  • Sukkah Hill Spirits Besamim Liqueur is an interesting holiday liqueur in that it is named for and focused on the Jewish ceremony of Havdalah and the sweet-smelling spices that go with it.

  • Merlet Lune d’Abricot is another fruit liqueur from the Distillerie Merlet that always seems to produce high-scoring and very reasonably priced liqueurs. It received a 94 point rating from the 2013 BTI who called it “sensationally vibrant”

  • Merlet Crème de Cassis de la Saintonge Boisee meanwhile received a bewilderingly high score of 98 points vaulting near the top of our liqueur list. For those who love the tart and delicate taste of the French blackberry, this is perhaps as good as it gets.

  • Fair Quinoa Vodka is the only vodka we’re aware of based upon the currently vogue grain. It also received an exceptional 96pt score from the October, 2013 tasting with the Beverage Testing Institute.

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