Notable New and Updated Bottles on Proof66

Notable New and Updated Bottles on Proof66

Here are some of the exciting updates and new entries in our database...

California Blood Oranges! Charbay Blood Orange vodka enters our database using a 6-month process of 100% organic, tree-ripened California blood oranges. Try in a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Birthday Bourbons separated by year! Responding to a user request, we separated out the Old Forester Birthday Bourbons by vintage year… which makes sense since there’s a high degree of volatility from year to year. To us, it looks like that 2011 edition is the one to look out for!

Charbay Clear Vodka limited edition 30th anniversary bottle. The vodka itself was first released in 2002 but the distillery has been around for 30 years, which is a very long time in the world of craft distilling.

Waqar Pisco picked up a big 95pt rating from Kara Newman of Wine Enthusiast. This follows up its win for “Best Pisco” in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. For those who don’t know, pisco is a specialized brandy made from Chilean wine grapes. Here are Newman’s thoughts for Wine Enthusiast:

The fragrance of this graceful and delicate artisan pisco resembles a fresh, minty breeze, with some fruit underneath. On the palate, violet notes come forward, but never overwhelm, fading into light ginger notes on the finish. So lightweight, the flavors almost feel like they’re drifting away off the tongue. This is one to sip and savor.

White Lion VSOA One of the most exotic spirits we’ve seen lately is made from a distillate of fermented coconut flowers nectar. The nectar is apparently claimed by men paid to balance on ropes 80 feet in the air to obtain the nectar. The VSOA stands for “very special old arrack” but the spirit itself is unflavored by anise and to us almost appears more like a lightly aged brandy. Definitely an exotic purchase for adventurous consumers.

Barr Hill Vodka One of the few vodkas out there made from a base of honey. In this case, what we see as the equivalent of a microdistillery in honey production from Vermont. Note: this won’t be honey flavored but rather distilled from honey so the light, subtle characters of honey will breathe through the spirit but not sweeten it. We suppose it would make breathtaking vodka martinis with a dash of elderflower liqueur in lieu of vermouth.

Parker’s Heritage Promise of Hope Bourbon The new release from this critically acclaimed line of bourbons is one that goes beyond a new style of bourbon. In this case, the Promise of Hope is a fund that researches Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Parker Beam, who works as Master Distiller for Heaven Hill and is personally responsible for the Parker’s Heritage collection, was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. This is a classic, straight-up bourbon selected from 100 barrels in a particular favorite location of Beam’s. It’s a “high rye” grain bill aged for 10 years. 

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