Official Launch of Proof66!!

Official Launch of Proof66!!

It's happened. You've done it. You got some stuff that was pretty expensive that you've never had before... and you loved it! And now you want to buy more!

Buy the best... but buy smart! You've discovered that there's some fantastic liquors out there in the world. You've realized that you don't have to shoot tequila in order to tolerate it if you find the right bottle. Proof66 is dedicated to helping you on your journey to the discovery of the very best the world has to offer.

We've aggregated all the professional opinions we could find regarding every liquor they could find and we even left some space for you, too. Commercials with rap stars are cool... but is that really the best way to base your choice of fine liquor? Hell, no! Here, at your fingertips, are the best opinions from around the world. Take them and explore!

Elitism rules!!

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