Pass the Crown: You Can Win!

Pass the Crown: You Can Win!

Proof66 is once again participating in Crown Royal’s Pass the Crown (#PassTheCrown) holiday event and that could mean a prize for you! 

As some of our more avid users may remember from last year, the Pass the Crown program is similar to the office gift-swapping parties that are commonplace around this time of year.  The only difference is that Crown Royal provides the gifts!

So why should you care about the program?  It turns out that Crown Royal is actually giving each participating website a pair of gifts—one item for the web operators AND ONE TO GIVE TO ITS AWESOME USERS!  THAT MEANS YOU!  These are great prizes, so that means that you can win something awesome! Last year Proof66 was able to give away a Kindle Fire thanks to the program.

How does it work?  Crown Royal has selected 25 incredibly important websites (including us, not surprisingly) to receive gifts over the course of November and early December.  Each day for 25 successive days, Crown Royal gives the operator of a specific website a gift.  It is usually something cool like an iPad, a bottle of Crown Royal’s premium labels, and other popular items. The day’s recipient then has the option of either keeping that gift or stealing a gift from a previous recipient.   If the website opts to steal a gift from a previous recipient, then the “victim” website is given the gift that the day’s recipient originally received.  The next day, the program continues, with a new website being given a provisional gift which it can keep or trade for any previously-received gift.  

Obviously, in this program, there are benefits to being one of the later “choosers.”  Indeed, on the final day, the final chooser is obviously in an excellent situation: it can either select its provisional gift or steal the gift of any one of the 24 prior recipients!

There’s one as-yet-unmentioned nuance to the game: each day’s chooser is not told specifically what its gift is.  Rather, it’s given a clue about its gift.  Accordingly, when a site chooses to keep or steal, it does so only on the basis of knowing a clue about its provisional gift.  After the chooser makes its choice, Crown Royal then reveals to the world exactly what the gift is.  

What will Proof66—and one of its lucky users—get at the end of the program?  We don’t know yet and won’t know until mid-December.   As of now, Proof66’s gift is a cool Meat Smoker - a Masterbuilt – 30-inch Electric Digital Smokehouse, which has all the great bells and whistles.   We were the second website to choose and, of course, that means that there are many website that could steal this from us.  We will keep you updated with addendums to this article.  You can also track news about the program—including the status of Proof66’s gift- by tracking the #PassTheCrown hashtag on Twitter.

Like last year, we will randomly select the winner from one of the folks who has purchased products from one of our excellent partners (i.e., the companies who have BUY NOW links on our site).   Please note-If you click on a Merwin Liquors button and buy products, we will know automatically and you need not do anything to be entered.  If you click thru and buy spirits from another one of our other vendors’ Buy Now buttons, please send an email to [email protected] with the date, time, and amount of your purchase and we’ll get you verified and entered!

In addition to rewarding folks who buy products from our excellent partners, we also want to give contest entries to folks who successfully encourage their friends to buy our Liquor Hub iPhone app.  If you successfully encourage one of your colleagues to buy Liquor Hub, please drop an email to [email protected] and indicate the date and time of the referral.  We’ll then get everything verified and will put an additional contest entry into our system on your behalf!

Two final thoughts:

1)      As part of its Heroes Project, the fine folks at Crown Royal really want to give away stuff to America’s troops.  For each tweet that includes the #PassTheCrown hashtag, it is giving away a goodie bag to the troops.   So get out there and join the #PassTheCrown conversation on Twitter.

2)      Crown Royal has a great customized gift program where, for a very small fee, it will customize the cool velvet bag that CR is famous for.  Obviously, a bottle of CR in a customized velvet bag makes for a cool present for a loved one.  For details, check out:


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