Rabble Roundup November, 2014

Rabble Roundup November, 2014

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

nickrobbins93: 4.0.

This rich and creamy bourbon is absolutely fantastic! Its sweet honey notes and caramelized mouth feel make it a fantastic spirit to drink neat or to highlight it in a cocktail such as a Manhattan or boulevardier! I would highly recommend this one, a savior for the jack Daniels brand! 4.5/5.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

ihavenoidea: 5.0.

Wooooh! It's a little harsh at first but the flavor is full and has a lot going on. Very spicey but a creamy finish. It's a little pricey ($40 here) but definitely worth it when I'm looking for something different. Definitely the best Wild Turkey offering.

Ledaig 10yr Single Malt Scotch

Muncher: 5.0.

Delicious! Scotch with peat and smoke on the heavy side, but with plenty of malty sweetness in there too. I'd put it in a category with Caol Ila and Lagavulin. All three are awesome, but the Ledaig is a little cheaper than the Caol Ila and a lot cheaper than the Lagavulin. Wish I would have bought a bigger bottle than the 2 dram sample I got.

Cutty Sark Prohibition Blended Scotch

Muncher: 4.0.

Impulse buy. The price, presentation, flavor profile description, and uniquely high proof (for a blend) drew me in. On the nose I get toffee, malty grains, and a hint of butterscotch. It was surprising because I was expecting a little bit of smoke in there since it supposedly contains Glenrothes, Highland Park, and Bunnahabhain. The palate is sweet, sweet, and sweet; still no smoke though. The palate is pretty much the same as the nose except there's a little oak and spice in there as well. The first thing I thought of on the first sip was Balvenie though I don't think it contains any. Overall pretty darn good blend though I would prefer a few less malts in it (it also contains Macallan, Glengoyne, and Tamdhu). It reminds me of putting a shot of all the available fountain sodas in a glass for my restaurant beverage as a kid; just way too many different flavors all mashed together.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

scalihan: 4.0.

Suuuuuuper sweet. If youre looking for a holiday sweet dessert treat this is your animal. And next morning you can pour it in your waffles.

Angel's Envy Bourbon

jmf02f: 3.0.

A wholly average bourbon and in my opinion a poor value for $45+ in Fl. It is sweet on the front palate and spice from the mid to the finish. I got a strong alcohol burn thru the finish. To be honest I expected quite a bit more for all the hype and the high marks by reviewing institutions. It is also quite thin tasting. I would never buy this over knob creek single barrel which is far superior and cheaper.

Elijah Craig 12yr Bourbon

jmf02f: 5.0.

Bought this for $26 in Fl. The nose is wonderful. Full on butterscotch, vanilla, and cream soda. Taste: it starts off slightly sweet. Just the right amount in my opinion. The nose actually translates to the taste well. More tastes are caramel and butter. The viscosity of this bourbon is really special. I liken its thick body and feel to that of knob creek SB without the Tyson sized punch of the alcohol that KC has. The mid palate is wonderfully earthy and leathery. And it finishes loonnnnggggg. With more sweet cream soda flavor and effervescent texture on the back of the tongue. You keep getting flavors of this long after you have swallowed the bourbon. There is a mild spice but not all that much. It has a very well rounded flavor arc. All in all this bourbon is wonderful. I like it much more than Buffalo trace and i actually like Buffalo Trace quite a bit. But the extra $5 for EC12 os worth it in my book.

Jameson Black Barrel Irish Whiskey

jmf02f: 5.0.

This is my favorite whiskey by far. It is easy to drink but not because it is a one trick pony bur because all its many flavors work together to create a delicious elixir. On the nose is floral notes mixed with candy and sweet pastry. It is soft on the nose and only a little alcohol comes thru. The flavor is first sweet vanilla, icing, then fruity and floral. The finish is wonderful with little to no alcohol burn. It is all that is good with jameson standard and soo much more. More richness and more complexity. True 5/5 especially for the price.

El Toro Gold Tequila

Allan: 0.0.

Ok. So the SF Spirits Competitions creditability just took a major hit in my opinion when I saw they gave this a silver medal. This is the stuff that makes people hate tequila! Processed, fake, putrid awfulness! And I have had enough before I knew better to verify this. Don't drink this please. May still be better than Cuervo Gold ;)

Monopolowa Vodka

SubGothius: 5.0.

After spotting this here as an apparent good value for reviews vs. price, I tried finding it anywhere to no avail... until I stumbled across it stocked at Trader Joe's, of all places. At any rate, I'm primarily a scotch or tequila man and generally not fond of most vodkas as seeming too reminiscent of rubbing alcohol even in mixed drinks, but this was something else entirely. I actually enjoy sipping this neat, even at room temperature, and look fondly forward to it as I think of preparing a glass. Very smooth and round-bodied, with a pleasantly subtle, appealing flavor that's somehow warm and cozy, and nary a hint of that rubbing alcohol antiseptic quality that turns me off most vodkas. I daresay this is a vodka for those who don't like vodka, as well as for those who do.

Speyburn Bradan Orach Single Malt Scotch

SubGothius: 4.0.

No age statement on the bottle, yet still declared a Single Malt, so this must be age blended - I'd guess mostly Speyburn's 10yr with a bit of their 25yr to flesh it out, and maybe some younger to balance the price. I dare say, there's few if any others in this price range that can beat it, and plenty worse I've found at double or more the cost - for the price, this is incredibly delicious stuff. Notably richer than the Speyburn 10yr, with notes of caramel and honey (in flavor, not sweetness) and a whiff of green apple in the nose, and not terribly peaty or otherwise off-putting. I've happily sipped this neat, on rocks, or with club soda, where latter IMO this really excels - normally, I'd say single malts are wasted on soda, but at this price I have no qualms.

Crown Royal Apple Whisky

Irishman: 4.0.

I've never been a big fan of flavored whiskey, but this one hits the mark surprisingly well. Fair warning though, if you don't like green apple then you probably won't like this. It's like a grown up, slightly less sweet version of a Jolly Rancher Green Apple candy. It's sweet, but not overdone. Good on the rocks, with cranberry, cider, Sprite/7-Up, and basically anything you would pair with apples. Perfect for getting a party started with it being 70 proof and definitely worth a try at this price point.

Tin Cup American Whiskey

BDanner: 4.0.

Love the bottle and tin cup (and yes I realize it's not actually distilled in CO). Looks great on the bar. The nose is heavy rye spice with hints of caramel and charred oak. Neat, this whiskey is all pepper and rye spice. Earthy and dusty. Nice mouth feel. Mild burn with a slight lingering sweetness on the tongue. On the rocks, this whiskey comes to life. All the spice is still there, but mellowed. It develops a creamier mouth feel. More sweetness comes forward. Brown sugar with hints of cinnamon. I've read several reviews that mention LDI's/MGP's spirits having a dill note. This is the first one I've been able to detect that in. Made a great spicy old fashioned. I really enjoy this whiskey! To me this is just a notch below Bulleit Rye and equal to (but "rougher" than) Templeton. I will buy again.

OLD WL Weller Special Reserve Bourbon

Storcke: 4.0.

A fine, fine wheated bourbon, comparable to the $40-50 brands-no joke, no exaggeration. If everyone who says that Maker's is their favorite wheated bourbon would try this, I guarantee that at least half would switch to this. It has all the wheated flavors and mellowness of MM, but without the bitter bite that MM has throughout. I don't understand why a) it hasn't won any awards b) it's so inexpensive or c) no one has reviewed it before me. Got a handle in Georgia for $23.

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