St. Germain Wins San Francisco and our Hearts!!

St. Germain Wins San Francisco and our Hearts!!

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St Germain is a delight. This beautiful, pale-yellow liqueur won the San Francisco competition of 2007. Based upon that victory we tried it and it won a place in our hearts. It's sweet, it's aromatic, it's light... it's like a little burst of sunshine in your mouth. Yet it defies easy description. As the website proclaims, it is like "asking a hummingbird to describe its favorite nectar.

The story of its making is almost as amusing as the liqueur is tasty. They announce that a mere 40 or 50 bohemien men search the Alps on a few specific weeks to pluck the wild elderflower blossom. Having procured the mountain's largesse, they pack them in sacks and trundle off on bicycles to market. Here, the process gets a little murky but the result is this fine St Germain liqueur. We are assured that there are no bohemiens picking wild hops for your beer.

This liqueur is astonishingly versatile. It can be drunk chilled and neat like a sweet dessert wine or any other fine cordial. Yet it blends magnificently with vodka or gin tonics giving them a burst of aroma and flavor; it can even be splashed in an otherwise pristine martini. One enthusiast mixes it with blanco tequilas on the rocks where it magnifies the agave aroma. Try this liqueur and you'll find its uses are endless, like any great liqueur should be.

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