User Reviews - The Rabble Roundup (April/May 2014)

User Reviews - The Rabble Roundup (April/May 2014)
We had hundreds of reviews come in over the last several weeks... far too many to mention all of them. Here are a selection of our favorites that mention high profile brands or have on-point comments that might be especially useful for the adventuresome.


Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky

MilesDeighton, Rating: 4.0

People who have tasted WhistlePig and liked it will definitely love this. Straight up pear and banana nose with rich soju and maple sap qualities combined, and a slightly tannic but sweet finish. Very three dimensional for a Canadian whisky.

Watkins Select Bourbon

Memphis, Rating: 2.0

I just bought a bottle at Total Wine, I believe this is a house brand for Total Wine. I paid $13 for 750ml which makes me wonder if it is the same as the bottle described above. The label looks the same but the bottle shape is a little different. I was hoping for better taste given the score on this website. The taste was dry and lifeless, a mixer bourbon for sure. Searching the web does not explain the difference in bottle design, perhaps the picture above is from a previous generation. Anybody able to clarify?

Stagg Jr Bourbon

Muncher, Rating: 5.0

Did a side by side with my bottle of Booker's with no ice or water. They are quite similar, but the Stagg Jr clearly outshines the Booker's. Stagg Jr has much better balance, without the excessive tannins that detract in the Booker's, allowing the vanilla and sweet notes to be enjoyed. The balance is so good, that even at 134.4 proof I can enjoy a glass without any ice or water. Just awesome.

JJ Neukomm Missouri Whiskey

scollings, Rating: 2.0

I went to some length to track down a bottle of this stuff because is sounded interesting. I expected it to be along the same lines a Angles Envy, or one of the other "finished in Sherry or Port" type Bourbons. It is not. The nose is full of Cherry wood and other unfamiliar Bourbon notes. One taste confirms that this one is not only not on the beaten path, but has left the path completely. I was expecting Whiskey with some new and unique notes. There is no Whiskey flavor here. Instead, it comes off as some kind of grained Kirsch served overly young. This barrel needs to go sit somewhere for about 4 more years.

Colonel EH Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

NeatPour, Rating: 5.0

4.4/5, one of the best readily available bourbons in my book. It's got some intensity and a nice balance of oak or yummy corn sweetness ( dark honey, molasses sort of thing). The finish is why I like it for all occasions. It's quite smooth and gentle at the end. Beginners will like! Maybe not enough complexity or intensity for booker, antique collection, rare breed crowd but when I go to a normal event with people who like bourbon this is usually my go to. Really great

Laphroaig 18yr Single Malt Scotch

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

4.3/5, better than I thought it would be! Especially for the price, it's the sweetness and clean quality that is uncharacteristic at this price point. It like what lagavulin is to islay, this is too rye... If that makes any sense. Highly recommend

Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Whisky

Irishman, Rating: 5.0

This is one of my all-time favorite bottles. A well-balanced masquerade of soft oak, very subtle fruit, and mild smoke. The only thing better than having this in my bar would be enjoying a glass at the Suntory Distillery. Beyond the incredible quality, the price point is quite distracting and unfortunately, unapproachable. I wanted to ding it a full star for that, but I just couldn't do it. If you get an opportunity to taste this little slice of heaven, don't pass it up.


Ron Zacapa 23yr Rum

BuckMulligan, Rating: 5.0

A simply wonderful experience. The molasses flavor is exceptional and lingers for what seems like hours. Its a liquor so fine it could be served in cordial glasses at a fancy dinner as easily as it could accompany a bold cigar. Yes, it reminds one of a rich cognac. While its hard to justify spending this much on a bottle or rum, it is in the rarified air along with Mt Gay 1703, and El Dorado 21 (all roughly $100) and, frankly, worth every penny.

Rougaroux Full Moon Dark Rum

JazzFester, Rating: 5.0

I'm in New Orleans from Tampa for JazzFest and went to Peche Restaurant tonight. I had a cocktail with the Rougaroux Full Moon, apparently made locally, the cocktail, 3rd Ward Zombie. It was a killer tiki drink and the head bartender, Matt, let me try this neat, WOW. Blown away by the taste and I hope to see this in Florida soon. Matt said they have some other products they carry, including a rice vodka.


Siete Leguas Blanco Tequila

Quetzal, Rating: 5.0

(4.5 out of 5). Siete Leguas is one of the best brands of tequila on the market, and also has one of the most singular taste profiles, which especially comes out in this blanco- typical earthy agave notes are found alongside strong mint notes with white pepper and some pine. This is a very interesting, well made tequila, and is getting bumped from four to five for being cheaper than other blancos in its quality range (such as El Tesoro and Don Julio). I usually find this for $35-$40. My favorite of the Siete Leguas line is still the reposado, but this blanco's worth checking out!

Ilegal Anejo Mezcal

Quetzal, Rating: 4.0

(4 out of 5). Definitely the best offering from Ilegal, where flavors of agave and grilled pineapple are perfectly balanced with plant smoke. However, there is a large problem here- this is bottled at just 40%, where mezcal should be at least 45%. And considering this costs over $100, this is truly a problem. Imagine paying over $100 for a single malt scotch bottled at 40%! I'm sure this would get at least 4.5 if it was bottled at 45-48%.


Bluecoat Gin

quaygang, Rating: 4.0

I finally got a bottle of this gin last month. Being a PA native living in Oregon (where its not available), I've wanted to try Bluecoat for a while. An unscheduled trip back east provided the opportunity to bring a bottle back to the Wild West. To me, a gin must be good in a dry martini to be a truly fine gin. Since Boodles taste changed a couple of years ago, Tanqueray has been my favorite gin. Naturally, I compare every new gin I try to my favorite. While Bluecoat is not now my favorite gin, I really like its complexity. Don't waste this stuff on fruity drinks. It stands proudly on its own quite well. Give it a few drops of vermouth and a squad of impaled olives and enjoy.

New Amsterdam Gin

flintquatch, Rating: 4.0

: I actually really enjoyed this gin!! it has a nice juniper presence, but a fruit quality that is not usually in gin, and which I happened to enjoy. Smooth and fully sippable at a decent price. Check it out!


Penn 1681 Rye Vodka

roxjeeper, Rating: 2.0

I really, really wanted to like this vodka. I was born in Pennsylvania and William Penn was always a bit of a hero so I opened the bottle expecting to be wowed...but alas I was very disappointed. There is a mouth feel to this vodka that can only be described as "oily". Its definitely not harsh. Its smooth and slightly sweet but the pervasive oiliness is not pleasant. Definitely not the worst vodka I've had but not worth the price. Methinks maybe the distiller is pulling their water from the Schuylkill River!



Allan, Rating: 5.0

OK so everyone already knows it is bitter so we can go on to what it does best. Adds complexity to cocktails. Balances out most drinks. If you are one of those people that can't stand an overly sweet drink; or likes a bit of a challenge this is a must! Anything with gin; try it with club soda, or sneak it into a tequila drink. This stuff is surprisingly versatile!

Borghetti Caffe Espresso Liqueur

Njkannibal, Rating: 4.0

In Italy it's an icon,especially for everyone attends football stadium (where it gives his name to the sellers,named "borghettari"):it's so deep seated in the folk culture,that the word "Caffe Borghetti" means the coffee liqueur at large. The taste is good,although is not particularly expensive and the alcohol content is bigger than some competitors(like Kahlua Original):very good when it's ice cold,also ideal with straight vodka(Black russian,...)

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