User Reviews-the Rabble Roundup (Feb, 2014)

User Reviews-the Rabble Roundup (Feb, 2014)


Aberlour 12yr Double Cask Scotch

Muncher, Rating: 4.0

This malt rates about 100 points higher, give or take, than the equivalent 12 years from Balvenie and Dalmore and about 175 points higher than Macallan's equivalent. I don't see the superiority. It's ok, but not as good as the score suggests.

[Editor's Note: there are several Macallan and Balvenie malts above and below this on our combined algorithm rating... this particular malt is scoring a little lower than the very best malts simply because it doesn't have recent supporting scores from the BTI or Wine Enthusiast; as ever, we try and reward consistently strong results. The Aberlour scores are impressive but would be even more so with that support. The system isn't flawless!]

Bookers Bourbon

Allan, Rating 5.0

Tried it at first and immediately went for the ice cubes. A little hot but a little cool water melted in does wonders! Opens up to have a mild smoke with a nice touch of sweet vanilla from the oak with a hint of fruit in the middle. Smooths out well to a bit of a drier finish but now where near bitter. An excellent choice.

[Editor's note: right on! These bourbons demand a little water and that's how they're designed. Don't let that first sip go down neat and make you hate it forever.]

Bulleit Bourbon

jrstone76, Rating 5.0

Great flavor. Just right with a cube or two of ice. For the money, this bottle holds its own with anything on the bar.

[Editor's Note: first time reviewer... welcome!]

derkerderr, Rating: 4.0

I tried this a while back and I did not recall liking this much. I decided to give it another shot and it was better than I remembered. It's not fantastic and it damn sure ain't the number three bourbon, but it's pretty good.

[Editor's Note: the #3 rating is fluid, of course, as new results come in. But this is an interesting issue we wrestle with quite often. What is better? A string of very solid scores a very few stellar scores? Bulleit is one of those with a long string of very solid scores at a good price point.]

Bulleit Rye

Jackstraw, Rating: 5.0

I really just bought it for the cool glass bottle. Awesome spiciness, full of flavor, loved it. Found it for $26 at Costco though it is a tough sell with other good Bourbons and Ryes under $20. I don't like stretching too far over $25 but I will get it again for the flavor but also for the rustic glass decor for the mancave.

Cleveland Black Reserve Bourbon

Bfloyd, Rating: 4.0

If your able to get over the mental hurdle based on the fact this bourbon is not aged in barrels for several years, you could be pleasantly surprised. Just to note I normally prefer Blanton's or Bulleit Rye. Although Cleveland lacks a complex depth of many great bourbons that have been aged for 6, 8, or 10 years, it still delivers a nice smooth flavorful drink. A great friend of mine picked up a bottle and brought it over for the Super Bowl, and we both enjoyed it. If your not afraid to step out of your comfort zone and are able to get over the hurdle of  it being basically technology aged, I think you will find a nice surprise. Cheers!

[Editor's Note: first time reviewer... welcome! And we must admit, we have a hard time getting over this.]

Clynelish 14yr Scotch

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

4.15/5, waxy yes, mineral yes, flinty metallic edge yes, and very salty.  Classic highland honey flavors and floral notes linger.  The mineral flinty part may not be for everyone but it is quite unique and quite good.  Supposedly the heart  blend for gold label.  I could see my self buying a bottle, quite complex actually

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 3.0

Don't really know how anyone could give this a bad review. It is a classic, even if its not the world's greatest. Has a nice sweetness on the tongue and palate. No burn going down. Unfortunately, not much taste at all going down. I can see why its such a popular mixer (crown and coke). But don't mix with water! A splash of water kills the taste entirely.

derkerderr, Rating: 3.0

3.5 stars. It's pretty darn smooth, but not an abundance of character. It's much better than Canadian Club, but also more expensive.

Evan Williams Green Label Bourbon

Dakota, Rating: 4.0

Aged 4 years and smooth straight. Yes there are much better whiskey out there this product is good though. Evan Williams like Jim beam and Jack Daniels seems to get better and better everytime. Let me say this to all the Whiskey experts even low end whiskey is good. I come from the vodka world and the difference between Stoli Elit and Karkov is like heaven and hell. Whiskey is just a superior spirit compared to everything else. This product is better than 75% of all vodkas 90% of all gins 85% of all rums and it's nothing in the whiskey world. Think about that the next time to look at whiskey and my word is bond I have reviewed over a hundred spirits on here and I learn something new everyday it's not the best it sure is quality though.

Four Roses Single Barrel 100pf Bourbon

derkerderr, Rating: 4.0

Very good. Number one? I think not. I actually prefer the small batch.

Glenfiddich Distillery Edition Scotch

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

4.25/5, more wine influence in this one towards the back.  Tart apples for sure up front.  The higher abv gives an impression of smokiness.  I agree with consensus that fifteen is the best bang for your buck, def skip 18, 21 and 19 are both nice but giving the edge to 21.  I like the description of superblend

Jack Daniels Teneessee Whiskey

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 3.0

It's good, I like it a lot. But I can also understand some of the hate. Had straight from the bottle, I could see it as being a bit harsh. The key is to drink it COLD. Not on ice, but actually refrigerated. That evens it out a lot.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon

Storcke, Rating: 2.0

Maybe it's just my palate, but I get nothing from this but young, watery background flavors being overpowered by bitter charcoal so heavy I swear I can feel the grit in my teeth. I drank the whole bottle in a week trying to convince myself I hadn't just wasted a month's bourbon budget, but I failed. I'd be better off chewing on a burnt stick while drinking grain alcohol.

[Editor's Note: big respect points for getting to the bottom of the bottle trying to figure out! We often don't have that patience.]

Kentucky Tavern Bourbon

aslezak, Rating: 4.0

So one thing you need to learn is that straight bourbon from Kentucky is almost always pretty good.   This is the cheapest of this sort (aged at least 4 years) at Specs and I finally bought it.  It's really pretty decent, I would say a $20 1.75l but for closer to $15. It's not complex at all but at this price is quite palatable if not a great value. Drink it neat or mix it, at this price who cares!

Maker's Mark Bourbon

Storcke, Rating: 3.0

Nothing especially bad about MM, but it has a bitter woodiness throughout that negates the sweet smoothness you go to a wheater to find. I guarantee if people who say it's their favorite would try WL Weller Special Reserve, they will switch. The Weller has all the flavor of MM plus more sublte fruitiness, and it lacks the bitterness. Plus it's available for $20 per handle, where MM is up near $30 per fifth now. And Weller 12-year, a truly fine whisky, is $25 per fifth.

Revelstoke Spice Whisky

gmish, Rating: 1.0

The dude at the liquor store said they were only selling this out of pitty for the salesman as he couldnt get it into many stores. I bought a 375ml because I felt bad for the guy and I was hoping it would taste decent. Im not that hard of a critic for whiskey (I almost like them all!) but I couldnt stand this stuff. Way too sweet and harsh at the same time. I gave it away after a few sips.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 4.0

This is definitely one of the most complex bourbons I've had. No doubt about the fact that its a premium whisky. It the best WT product I've tried. On first taste, it is so nice and smooth and after a few seconds, the 108 proof heat hits your mouth like a hammer. On the finish, it smoothes back out with no burn going down. This would be a fantastic cold weather bourbon. I'd give it 4.5 stars and would stock at least semi-regularly.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 5.0

I'd probably give it 4.5. I don't like it quite as good as Buffalo Trace, but they are very different and this is just as good in its own way. Very smooth and sweet  in the mouth and extremely smooth going down. Don't add water to it!! Water kills it. It's a little pricy imo.



Bombay Sapphire East Gin

StevenSauce, Rating: 5.0

4.6 starsadds a big deal of black pepper and just a little bit of lemongrass to the regular sappire mix.very nice with tonic, doesnt get lost as easy as the regular sapphire/more intense. good stuff, solid value.


Smirnoff Vodka

derkerderr, Rating: 3.0

It's nothing special, but it's not terrible. It is available everywhere and is easily affordable. If you're not a vodka snob, this is a decent product to stock in your home bar.

DakotaGuy, Rating: 3.0

Seems to me that this is the dead center of the vodka world. Plenty are better, plenty are worse.



Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka

Nik85C, Rating: 2.0

Tastes gawd awful! This made me sick afterward, hubby didn't like it either. Can NOT figure out what this mixes well with, if anything. Has a cinnamon-y, off flavor. Thought this world be more herbal, vegetal in flavor but it is spiced, cloying and heavy. Blegh!!

[Editor's Note: first time reviewer... welcome! We find these styles of vodka work best as an herbal martini, perhaps with cucumber and a splash of tonic.]


Bacardi Oakheart Spiced Rum

tnmike1, Rating: 5.0

Sorry to be the contrarian hete but I love this stuff. Nice spice flavor,low proof so I can have more than two and still not get wasted and priced reasonably.Great in Coke or other mixes

Pussers British Navy Rum

tnmike1, Rating: 5.0

This is my favorite rum. Drink it straight. Rum and Coke. Just fantastic. Also great history. Drink this and feel like a member of Capt. Bligh's Royal Navy

Pampero Aniversario Rum

StevenSauce, Rating: 5.0

4.8 stars incredible value! intense, full bodied, spicy, sweet, caramel, vanilla, bit fruity...this is up there with the best rums and that for a really moderate price, highly recommended!



Don Julio Anejo Tequila

del0711, Rating: 5.0

4.5/5. I like this tequila. Its common in restaurants and bars, so it is often the best tequila on site. I prefer Siete Lequas, but this is fine and findable.

3 Caballos Reposado Tequila

mfennelly, Rating: 5.0

Found this tequila at Costco in San Antonio for ~$18/bottle.  Fantastic neat or with a piece of ice on a hot day.  It tasted too good to subject to mixers; I prefer it solo.  Served chilled shots to friends who all were not tequila drinkers - no one needed a chaser and all had a satisifed "mmm" and a grin after taking one down.  Hopeful they will expand distribution to the Midwest someday.


Jim Beam Honey Liqueur

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 2.0

I mixed it with Diet Mountain Dew and it was pretty good. Then i started drinking it neat and it turned me is so rich and sweet that it  becomes unpleasent. It is more like honey butter than honey. Ok for the price but pales in comparison to JD Honey

Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Edith Magoo, Rating: 3.0

I dont see why it would have a low score for a liquor. If you're gonna drink a low alcohol drink like a white russian, it's as good as any

[Editor's Note: for our part, we find the spices and sweetness a departure from coffee... see, for example, Stirrings Espresso or Firelit for more authentic, pure coffee flavor.

Malibu Black Rum

flintquatch, Rating: 3.0

If your gonna drink malibu go ahead and opt for this one. Still has the suntan lotion taste, but at least the extra alcohol cloys some of the chemical sweetness

Midori Melon Liqueur

Edith Magoo, Rating: 3.0

I drank a bottle in one sitting and got the worst stomach ache of my life. Taken in smaller doses though, it was pretty good.

[Editor's Note: we find that drinking a whole bottle of anything is generally an unpleasant experience.]

Sweet Revenge Strawberry Liqueur

flintquatch, Rating: 2.0

I will say this for Sweet Revenge: Ugh. They were giving free samples at my local bar, and man am I glad I didnt have to pay to try this stuff. I can only describe it as cheap whiskey that has had cotton candy dissolved in it. Again: Ugh.

The Knot Irish Whiskey Liqueur

jude t smith, Rating: 5.0

damn fine irish whiskey. I found it by accident and liked it so much I shared it with four others and we all rate it great.  it is sweet, and strong and I find it difficult to find it here in Ohio. If you are not Irish or Scots don't drink it... there is only so much to go around and it shouldn't be wasted on the likes of you!

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