User Reviews-the Rabble Roundup (Jan, 2014)

User Reviews-the Rabble Roundup (Jan, 2014)

Here's a digest of some of the most interesting user reviews to come up over the last month... with a few editorial asides along the way!


Ancient Age Bourbon

monkeyxx, Rating: 4.0

Comments: I agree with the previous poster, smooth enough, quite nice on the rocks.  Very very mild, but with just enough (10%) character to add an appealing complexity to the bottom shelf watery whiskey thing.  Does NOT taste like vomit (Benchmark) is not harsh, and does not taste like alcohol water (Henry McKenna).  Can't do much better for $10 a fifth.  Glass botttle attractively shaped like jack daniels or something!  I'd get it again.

Bulleit Rye Whiskey

voiceofsticks, Rating: 3.0

Comments: Rye isn't my thing but this is still pretty darn good (and my wife will finish the bottle if I don't). Definitely smells of pickles, and sips real smooth and spicy. Excellent example of a rye.

[Editor's Note: that's a fine wife that will drink rye whiskey with you... we congratulate you, sir!]

Hottgunn, Rating: 5.0

Comments: Very full flavor.  Just like good, old world homemade rye bread.  You can almost chew this whiskey.  At its price point, it is a steal.

Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey

voiceofsticks, Rating: 5.0

Comments: Rye isn't my thing but this is still pretty darn good (and my wife will finish the bottle if I don't). Definitely smells of pickles, and sips real smooth and spicy. Excellent example of a rye.

Crown Royal Special Reserve Whisky

leebehar, Rating: 2.0

Comments: Sadly this whisky is overpriced and uninspiring. Little complexity and not even the fruity, grainy lightness of regular Crown Royal. Buy it instead.

Crown Royal Maple Finish Whisky

derkerderr, Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is a pretty good drink if you're in the mood for something sweet. It reminds me of Vermont hippies, without the B.O

Eagle Rare 10yr Bourbon

andr01d_3000, Rating: 4.0

I'm surprised the score on this is so low. Im drinking this for the first time and its incredibly smooth with that sweetness that I love about bourbon. Id recommend Eagle Rare for sure.

[Editor's note: we agree-it's one of our favorite bourbons. Part of the reason it shows up low despite an impressive set of medals from San Francisco is that it hasn't been submitted recently to any other judging group we follow.]

Glenfiddich 12yr Scotch

StevenSauce, Rating: 4.0

3.6 stars. solid, light-fruity taste, nothing exciting but also nothing too harsh. 

Highland Park 12yr Single Malt Scotch

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

If you took the elements of each of my favorite whiskeys and combined them, you would have HP12. Dollar for dollar I believe this is one of the best on the market. You get a little smoke, a little sweetness, and lots of depth. Its complex, but not hard to drink. This is a great addition to any liquor cabinet.

Jack Daniels Single Barre Whiskey

flintquatch, Rating: 4.0

Comments: I am a avid JD basher, I am amazed that JD is as famous and as widely adored as it is. That said I really enjoyed this Single Barrel experience. Much more complex and not nearly as harsh as regular Jack. Price is offputting but I could see splurging in this again.

voiceofsticks, Rating: 3.0

Comments: A bit harsh for me. Nothing awful but nothing to make me come back to it either.

Jim Beam Bourbon (White Label)

voiceofsticks, Rating: 2.0

Comments: Really quite terrible. So harsh it's only good for a night after a long, long week at work. Not even good with Coke.

[Editor's Note: yes, one of the greatest mixers on earth is a long, long week of work... goes with just about any spirit.]

Jim Beam Choice Bourbon

Allan, Rating: 3.0

Comments: A good smooth bourbon for a reasonable price to start out on. As expected if you like Jim Beam white label you will probably like this a bit better and I find it worth the small price difference. The only problem is as you tastes develop it's not very complex and a bit overly sweet. Still a step up though if you've been drinking the cheaper stuff.

Jim Beam Signature Craft 12yr Bourbon

gatomax, Rating: 3.0

Comments: A this is a really good Jim Beam bourbon, and thats saying something, but it just doesnt stand shoulder to shoulder with the better bourbons. Its smooth, rich and even, with vanilla and moderate rye spice. It just lacks in complexity. There are a couple of bourbons at this price point that are objectively better.

Johnny Drum Private Stock Bourbon

gatomax, Rating: 4.0

Comments: I found this one on the sale rack for $30 and at that price point, one of the better bourbons Ive had. Surprisingly good for a little known brand. At the retail price point of $45, it is a competitor, but there are others that are as good or better, notably Bookers.

Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch

voiceofsticks, Rating: 4.0

Comments: Yeah, this stuff is ubiquitous. That's partly hype, but it truly is a damn good mass market blended Scotch. Smooth and sippable with just a hint of smoke. I like it a lot!

Johnny Walker Red Label Scotch

Hottgunn, Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have drank this scotch occasionally for several years.  My first impression was of a strong iodine taste, medicinal alcohol taste bordering on pure ethanol.  However, I now add about a half a capful of soda to a double shot and find it quite enjoyable.  Full, rich carmel like flavor - not at all harsh.  I continue to try other scotches both single and blended and I enjoy them all in their own right.  I like this scotch and will continue to enjoy it.  Not all like this blend, but that's OK.

Knob Creek 9yr Bourbon

dinglebarryspls, Rating: 5.0

Comments: knob creek makes you rethink your entire existence. are you man? or are you dancer? is this real life? or just fantasy, caught in a land slide? is there an escape from reality? knob creek will open your eyes   look up to the sky and see. that this whiskey makes you piss fucking excellence.

voiceofsticks, Rating: 5.0

Comments: AMAZING. Wonderful depth of flavors on the palate and just the right combo of smoothness and kick in the finish. $23 in Maryland

Edith MaGoo, Rating: 2.0

Comments: I can't believe this is rated in the top 10%. It's just not good at all. For the price, it's horrible. Like another rater said, it is very very harsh. It's burn in the mouth and throat and a bitter (Jim Beam brand) aftertaste. I can't believe anyone who voted this into the Top 10 has ever tasted anything like Four Roses or Blanton's.

Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch

macstuart, Rating: 4.0

Comments: Found this at a bottle shop in Brooklyn, very very pleased. A blend of three single-malt whiskies, it's subtle yet masculine. Ideal for whisky cocktails, it also pours well neat. Excellent value.

Old Forester Bourbon

Nurgle, Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is my go to.  I find it very smooth and flavorful and is a terrific neat bourbon.  We recently did a taste test with old forrester, Buffalo Trace and Jim beam Black and OF and BT were a tie for 1st.  Except that OF is about $15 a handle cheaper than BT.

Ole Smokey Moonshine

antiquecollector, Rating: 5.0

Comments: This is my go to.  I find it very smooth and flavorful and is a terrific neat bourbon.  We recently did a taste test with old forrester, Buffalo Trace and Jim beam Black and OF and BT were a tie for 1st.  Except that OF is about $15 a handle cheaper than BT.

Pappy Van Winkle's 20yr Bourbon

andr01d_3000, Rating: 4.0

I have to admit, I got this as much for the novelty as anything. Pappy is a very good bourbon - smooth, woody, and complex. Is it the best Ive ever had? not really, but theres nothing Im more proud to pull out of the cabinet and whether people will admit it or not, thats kind of part of the allure with any top shelf liquor.

[Editor's note: someone actually FOUND a bottle of Pappy's... andr0Id 3000 should get a 5-star rating for his shopping and sleuthing capabilities.]

High West Distillery Rendezvous Rye Whiskey

Quetzal, Rating: 5.0

Comments: (4.5 out of 5). A great whiskey.. almost makes me proud to be from Utah. More mature than High West's Double Rye whiskey, though lower on the rye punch. This whiskey has typical rye spice notes, though they are a bit toned down, which is all right as it allows vanilla, caramel, and dark fruit to come through. A whiskey that is both sweet and salty, and an all around excellent sipper. Definitely one of the best from the consistently good High West line. Costs $50 where I live, though I live less than thirty minutes from the distillery, so it may be more expensive elsewhere.

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon

dinglebarryspls, Rating: 5.0

Comments: Comments: it doesnt taste like velvet. it doesnt like vanilla. if you say it does youre just an asshole. it tastes like shooting a commie right between the goddamn eyeballs. if you say otherwise go move to Finland you dickbags

Dakota, Rating: 1.0

Comments: I respect the reviewers taste on this website. This...this was terrible. This is the only bottle of liquor I ever poured out on purpose! Harsh taste doesn't mix with anything! It's currently the worst bourbon I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. By the way the parent company of this product make the most horrendous liquor know to man. And I'm not crazy beverage tasting institute and wine ethusiant agree with me. All I got to say is its remarkable that this ever won double gold at the San fransico spirits competition. In my humble opinion everything from the 2013 San fransisco competition is a joke. If u look at all there categories the double gold winners r mostly medium quality. From now on I ONLY trust the beverage tasting institute I respect the opinions still on this website believe me 99% of the time there right. This...just terrible and made me realize that opinions and ratings r just that arbitrary numbers and ideas that r just thrown out there. 

[Editor's note: There's often some disagreement among the critics... which is why it's nice to see a consensus on some spirits (for example, Yamazaki 18yr). But such broad consensus is very, very rare.]

Springbank 10yr 100 Proof Single Malt Scotch

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

Comments: 3.9/5, pretty solid for it's category but not enough to make me keep a bottle at my home bar... But better than glenlevit,s offering but perhaps a toss up between this and glenfiddich.  Alchemists tasting notes are very good, mine was prolly a touch less peaty but spot about peppery, spicy with a short sweet note at the end.  Certainly worth a try at the 

Suntory Hibiki 12yr Japanese Blended Whisky

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

Like Japanese cuisine, Hibiki is complex without being heavy. Every time I drink it, I feel like I notice something new.

Talisker 10yr Isle of Skye Single Malt Scotch

scalihan, Rating: 4.0

Comments: 3 parts Islay, 1 part Speyside.  Very nice.  Peaty, but not as much as a Laphroaig.  Very distinguished.  Good stuff. 

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

voiceofsticks, Rating: 4.0

Comments: For cheap Irish whiskey this is good stuff! Very drinkable, VERY light compared to its competitors with just enough flavor. Shared a bottle of it with me brotha the night before he married his bonnie lass so it'll always have a dear place in me heart.

[Editor's Note: Ah, Tullamore Dew... the groomsman's whiskey!]

Very Old Barton Bourbon

Nurgle, Rating: 5.0

Comments: Unbeatable for it's price.  But take note there are 3 different varieties.  80, 90 and 100 proof.  The 90 and 100 proof are clearly labeled aged 6 years, the 80 is not.  I have had handles of all and the 90 is my favorite for neat. I want to give it 4.5, but i'll round up because the price is so good ($21/1.75l of the 90p).

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

Comments: 4.45/5, very good!  Some classy sherry casks in here but by no means a sherry monster... If this was $90 I'd stock it regularly but at this price I'm afraid it's a special occasion only bottle.  better than macallan 18, better than glenmorangie 18, better than most 18s.  Do try!

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

dinglebarryspls, Rating: 5.0

Comments: it tastes like Jesus juice

[Editor's note: as blasphemous as it is to contemplate... what exactly is Jesus juice?]

Yamazaki 18yr Single Malt Whisky

Mickey49, Rating: 4.0

Comments: I guess I'm an oddity. The higher the price I pay for bourbon the less I seem to like it. I've tried some expensive bourbons and cannot say I liked them very well. Wild Turkey 101 however is another breed of cat. When sipped as one should it has proven to be an outstanding product. Far above average. This is a product I'm not ashamed to serve with friends. I never mix bourbon. If you have to mix it you need to look for another bourbon. This is an honest product that doesn't hide anything.


Cinco Vodka

crmclellan, Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is one fine vodka.  Grey Goose has been my house vodka for years and may be slightly smoother, but Cinco has flavor, taste and makes an amazingly good dry martini.  I favor using a couple of good jalapeno stuffed olives and only about a half teaspoon of vermouth (or any other really dry white wine).  

[Editor's Note: first time reviewer... welcome!]

Grey Goose Vodka

tigercat, Rating: 4.0

I would agree with the price is a little steep, but I completely disagree when people are comparing Grey Goose to sand paper, and then describing it's burn!!! I'm not sure what vodka they are tasting? Maybe they were drinking at one of those Friday's that recently got exposed for putting rubbing alcohol in their Grey Goose bottles!

[Editor's Note: surely one of the darkest of days when someone refills a bottle with something else... we don't have enough hate to shower on TGIF over this one.]

Kirkland Vodka

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

People will hate on this, and do, because it says Kirkland on the front. We now serve it in an unmarked bottle and friends ask about it all the time. This is an exceptional vodka, if such a thing even exists.

Skyy Vodka

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

With so many good inexpensive vodkas on the market, why would you EVER buy this? Skyy has that strong hairspray taste that I try to avoid like the plague.

Stolichnaya Elit Vodka

NeatPour, Rating: 3.0

If this is really as good as vodka gets you can count me out.  It is the best vodka I've had but I was expecting more coming from scotch bourbon and tequila.  Vodka is about the absence of taste... What's the point?

[Editor's Note: vodka notes are always going to be subtle... but just like there's a difference in taste between different brands of bottled spring water, there should be differences in the vodka. But there won't be any robust oak flavors.]

Van Gogh Triple Wheat Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 3.0

Comments: Honestly didn't taste anything to distinguish this from a regular vodka. very drinkable but not worth the impact on the wallet in my opinion. Maybe a one bottle try...

Vikingfjord Vodka

derkerderr, Rating: 2.0

Comments: Vikingfjord is to vodka what the Minnesota Vikings are to football. 

[Editor's Note: does that mean the promise of great vodka without any of the positive effects of actually getting drunk?]




Cruzan Black Strap Navy Rum

Allan, Rating: 4.0

I'm pretty new to dark rums but if this is what they are about I like them. The nose is pure strong molasses. Such a wonderful smell you could imaging pouring over pancakes or biscuits in the morning.With a rich fullbodied flavor I can't imagine this isn't going to be a popular mixer; but it is wonderful sipped a little at a time. Just don't expect the sweetness you smell to reach your tounge. The flavor is still lingering molasses but with a strong barrel flavor that blends in nicely

Seven Fathoms Rum

Zacapa1, Rating: 1.0

Comments: Little to no character, obvious harsh tannins from oak chip soaking. Too young, too expensive. Tastes more like cheap Whiskey then an aged rum. I would never buy this again or recommend this to a friend.

[Editor's Note: alas for a $40 rum and a reviewer's first rating... here's hoping there's better things in both their futures.]

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

I dont often drink rum, but when I do, I drink this one. In all honesty, this rum made me reevaluate how often I drink rum or put it in cocktails. For the price, you really cant go wrong with Cruzan Single Barrel.


Parrot Bay 90 Proof Coconut Rum

flintquatch, Rating: 4.0

Comments: Its really weird that this is even better than the ordinary parrot coconut. Much less of the sun-lotion vibe and decent taste for the elevated abv. Check it out if you dig coconut rum....

[Editor's Note: thank you!! Rage against low-proof, overly sweetened spirits! This is now easily one of the highest regarded coconut rums on our site just looking at rabble reviews.]


Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur

mikef1948, Rating: 5.0

This is the best stuff on earth. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it. I've been drinking it for about 40 years.

Licor 43

nancym01, Rating: 5.0

Absolutely delicious.  My favorite cold weather drink is hot milk with a very liberal amount of 43.  Warms you right down to your toes and is SO yummy!

[Editor's Note: we love Licor 43 as a substitute for vermouth in a Manhattan cocktail.]

Senior Curacao Rumraisin Liqueur

dshadownose, Rating: 3.0

Comments: It has a nice flavor, but of what?  It's pleasant and sweet, but it does not taste distinctly of anything. Wait, I have it!  It is the Juicyfruit of liqueurs.

[Editor's note: who knew that Juicy Fruit gum was made from rumraisins?]


360 Cola Flavored Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 3.0

Im not sure how to use it. Mixing kills any flavor, but on its own even on ice it is lacking something. There is a cola taste but its like a flat pepsi thats been sitting out a few days. OK 

Absolut Peppar Vodka

Allan, Rating: 2.0

Weird kind of chemical flavor I guess could be associated with pepper but you wouldn't guess it if no one told you. Not strongly flavored enough to tell the difference in a Bloody Mary but I can't imagine anyone would drink it neat. Pass.

Pinnacle Pecan Flavored Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 4.0

Comments: Dammit, I will admit straight forward that I am a fan of alot of strange vodkas. I know it goes against the purists but this stuff actually reminds me of Pecan pie. I get the graham crust followed by a nuttiness with a slight expected burn. Definitely worth a try if just for the shock factor.

Smirnoff Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 3.0

Comments: Its good stuff for the flavored crowd no doubt, but you can do just as good for a considerable amount less : Pinnacle and even Burnetts whipped are basically identical

UV Salty Watermelon Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 1.0

Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONEComments: This may be my first not tequila one star.... Seriously I got a 50ml sample and couldnt even finish it. Its like I pissed on a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Steer very clear of this one. UV has let me down

Van Goh PB&J Vodka

flintquatch, Rating: 4.0

Comments: So excited to finally try this and it almost lived up to the hype. Very strange but somewhat pleasing nevertheless. The nutty-ness is straight forward with a bit of fruit in the end. Not really PB and J but interesting and worth a try at least once!!


Hendricks Gin

andr01d_3000, Rating: 5.0

Hendricks is the first gin I ever had where I took a drink and stepped back and thought "now THAT is great gin!" All the others that Ive ever had kind of run together. It would be a great buy at double the price. If youre looking for a great gin, look no further.  

Tanqueray No. 10 Gin

StevenSauce, Rating: 5.0

Comments:4.7 stars, less juniper, more citrus than the regular tanqueray, smooth but the sweet juniper note is still there, love it, great all around gin.


Hennessy VS Cognac

NeatPour, Rating: 3.0

3.7/5, it's okay.  I too am into deeper more complex spirits but I put this up against similar $30 scotch and bourbon.  It's just a solid okay spirit.  Not worth a spot in my bar I'm afraid



El Jimador Blanco Tequila

Allan, Rating: 3.0

Nothing offensive but nothing to brag about. Passably smooth if mixed but definitely a bit harsh and hot for drinking neat. If your into shots could be a reasonable tequila. A few dollars more could have a better drink.



Everclear Grain Alcohol

antiquecollector, Rating: 5.0

Comments: There's a reason why this is illegal in many states and countries. Drinking one shot(MIXED ONLY!) is like drinking 3 shots of whiskey. You've got to know what you're doing with this stuff, young and/or dumb people often end up in the hospital if they aren't careful. Everclear can also be used as a cleaning solvent and a fuel.

[Editor's Note: but, apparently, a 5-star rating nonetheless.]

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