User Reviews-The Rabble Roundup (June 2014)

User Reviews-The Rabble Roundup (June 2014)

The rabble have put in another strong set of user reviews to help the community and ground the critical pros with a definite leaning towards all kinds of whiskey. Review some of the more notable reviews below...


WL Weller 12yr Bourbon

kakapookakiki, Rating: 5.0

The definition of "value bourbon". Too sweet for some, this is on the top end of that spectrum. Now that word is out of this being the same recipe as the Van Winkle wheaters, it's getting hard to find but still pops up occasionally. When it does, the quality warrants buying two bottles.

Clan MacGregor Blended Scotch

GeorgiaRebelBoy, Rating: 4.0

I hereby unashamedly state for the record that I have always been a fan of cheap scotch. Clan MacGregor is without a doubt cheap scotch but it is also surprisingly good. On the rocks, with a splash of soda, for the price - it can't be beat.

Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon

Pirate Joe, Rating: 5.0

We toured the tea plantation and the the distillery. Great stops and where I was introduced to moonshine and bourbon sweet tea. It is a welcome treat after a long day at work served on crushed ice and sitting on the back porch. We came home with several bottles of the Bourbon Sweet Tea. I understand from Firefly that you cannot find this anymore except at the distillery as they stopped selling it because Buffalo Trace cut back their allotment of Bourbon. I found some in Virginia this past fall and hauled it back in my luggage. Worth the baggage fees!

Sazerac 18yr Rye Whiskey

Buck Mulligan, Rating: 5.0

Neatpour is on the money here. A huge fan of the antiques, Sazerac 18 yo rye, which I encountered at a speak easy in Poetsmouth, VA, is wonderfully smooth, the peppery rye flavor tempered by the age and quality of the bourbon. This is without a doubt a mature sipping whiskey, and the sweetness of the bourbon and the bite of the rye seem to dance in tandem. I would certainly be open to this in a Manhattan or a Sazrac, but that's about it. Anything else would not do this bourbon justice.

Jim Beam Black Bourbon

Storcke, Rating: 3.0

First of all, please stop saying "better than the white label." Aquarium water and rubbing alcohol is better than the while label. Literally. Black Label is very good-dark, smooth, charred-caramel flavor and rich mouth feel. The problem is, that's all there is to it, and at this price, there are many, many less expensive bourbons with all of this and more complex flavors, to boot.

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Whiskey

degbert, Rating: 3.0

Yo, antiquecollector, well-known is not best. If it were, Budweiser would sell for twenty bucks a can. That said - this is a classic. And like most classics, it's neither as good or as bad as some would have you believe. I have drank a lot of Jack in my time. I agree it's best served cold. I also believe in drinking it straight, or at most on the rocks; I don't mix my Jack. It's gritty, smoky, and it has some teeth to it; it's not mild-mannered whiskey, and it's not supposed to be. It also has some sweetness to it. I do agree it's a great cooking whiskey; it's the quintessential barbecue sauce whiskey. But there are just some days when I want Jack on ice. It's a whiskey archetype, a Jungian concept made manifest and filtered through charcoal, a reflection of the Tennessee hills and the American soul. Put on "Live From Folsom Prison" and get yourself some.

Pappy Van Winkle's 15yr Bourbon

degbert, Rating: 4.0

It's delicious bourbon. Don't get me wrong. But having dealt with the phone calls, and the demands, and the customers getting offended they can't order it by the case - it's not all that, y'all. It is a very good to excellent product that has been elevated to liquor godhood by a powerful combination of word of mouth and hype, and there are other bourbons out there that deserve as much, if not more, critical response and kudos. I know I speak heresy here, and someone is going to burn a pot still on my lawn. But I stand by my opinion. It's just a very good bourbon, it is not the Elixir of the Bourbon Gods.

Glenmorangie Signet Single Malt Scotch

degbert, Rating: 5.0

The nose was so floral and beautiful that I just wanted to breathe it in for a while. I did finally get around to drinking it, Elegant. Balanced. Kind of a 'greatest hits' of Scotch whisky; not too extreme in any direction, but rather a perfect middle ground of all the good things Scotch has to offer. I wish I could afford it, but it was a magnificent experience.

Balcones 1 Texas Single Malt Whiskey

thekiltedwonder, Rating: 5.0

Absolutely delicious. Extremely easy to drink for being 106 proof. This is the best new whisk(e)y I've tried in several years. It now has a permanent spot in my liquor cabinet, in between the Laphroaig 18 and the Balvenie Caribbean Cask

John L Sullivan Ten Count Irish Whiskey

irish_and_angry, Rating: 4.0

Sullivan ten count is a hard whiskey to find, at least in Texas. I tried this at a party and searched fervently until I located the last case in my hometown. As far as blended Irish goes, this tops my charts. Jameson has been moved to bottom shelf as I now revere this smoky, sweet, honey-laden blend. The familiar scent of vanilla and oak rush from the cork to your brain, preparing it for a boxing match with your stomach that is all too common for blends. Instead, however, a smoothness tantamount to a well placed uppercut knocks your taste buds out as opposed to the sloppy jab-jab-cross combo one would expect from a medium priced blend. I can take swigs straight from the bottle and feel my ancestors strength in my bones and gut that pushes me toward confrontation with the vigor of a champion bare-knuckle boxer. If you're lucky enough to find this whiskey, take it home, knock it back and see if you're not ready to go 75 rounds over whether or not Jon Hamm has a career after mad men.

Corner Creek Bourbon

kakapookakiki, Rating: 2.0

One of my least favorite bourbons I've tasted. I'm generally a fan of KBD stuff, but this tasted soooo soapy, with little redeeming qualities on the finish. Could have just been the batch, but I was so discouraged it'll be a while before I try again.

Talisker 10yr Single Malt Scotch

kakapookakiki, Rating: 5.0

As simple as the previous review is, it really nails the essence of this scotch. It's as salty as the Islays are, but has the peat and smoke dialed back just a little bit making the sweetness more prominent. Even though it's not super expensive I find myself rationing and saving what I have left in the bottle because I don't want to waste it. I only do that with the ones I really like. Awesome stuff.

Watkins Select Bourbon

Memphis, Rating: 1.0

I just bought a bottle at Total Wine, I believe this is a house brand for Total Wine. I paid $13 for 750ml which makes me wonder if it is the same as the bottle described above. The label looks the same but the bottle shape is a little different. I was hoping for better taste given the score on this website. The taste was dry and lifeless, a mixer bourbon for sure. Searching the web does not explain the difference in bottle design, perhaps the picture above is from a previous generation. Anybody able to clarify?

Noah's Mill Bourbon

NeatPour, Rating: 5.0

: 4.65/5, a great cask strength bourbon. One of the best in my opinion. It kind of taste likes a cask strength version of Willet with some really great char notes. I favor it to wild turkey rare breed, bookers, and George t stagg jr. All good cask strength bourbons. I haven't had gst yet but so far this is the finest cask strength bourbon I've tried.

Stagg Jr Barrel Proof Bourbon

NeatPour, Rating: 4.0

: 4.35/5, an edgy but delicious cask strength bourbon. I had this a couple days before I had Noah's mill. Stagg Jr is more on the oak. I agree with Muncher in that it is essentially a better version of Booker's in my opinion. There is certainly still a little edge and heat in this bad boy (something I don't mind at all) but it has better balance than booker's. Bottomline: if you like cask strength bourbon then this is one you should try (if you like bookers then this is one you NEEED to try). Definitely try Noah's Mill too though!

Jim Beam Black Bourbon

Dudz, Rating: 3.0

: This bourbon starts with a very heavy oak aroma with hints of pepper spice. When sipping straight it starts off slightly sweet but quickly changes to heavy oak with no light tones. The finish lingers for a long time with medium heat. The little bit higher proof of 86 keeps it a little to unrefined, it just does not have a clean flavor profile. I normally like long lingering bourbons but with this one all I get is heavy charred oak flavor almost to the point of just tasting like ash. Over some rocks it loses it's sweetness and goes straight to the solid oak and charred aftertaste. It mellows out only after all the rocks melt away and leaves the aftertaste.

John J Bowman Virginia Bourbon

Memphis, Rating: 3.0

:This is a smooth bourbon with a touch of sweetness in the front and very little spice in the back. There is spice, just not much. There is good nose, and not too much heat. I would say it was unchallenging, which could be good if that's what you want. I would like a little more oak that perhaps another year in the barrel would provide. I don't recall what I paid but my 3 stars indicate that a $30 price for this bottle would be fair, maybe a dollar or two more.

Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey

Allan, Rating: 5.0

:You'll have to take this one with a grain of salt because I am not a big fan of rye whiskey. I love this stuff. Doesn't really seem like a rye whiskey though. There is a little rye flavor hidden in there, but what you really have is a very rich and sweet whiskey that is HEAVILY influenced by it's rum cask aging. The sweetness is not over done to me but instead balances out well with the spice I feel. makes a good after supper sipper. On the other hand; If you are a fan of rye; be prepared to hate it. Not really a rye but great when tried with an open mind.


Paul Masson VSOP Brandy

scollings, Rating: 5.0

Underrated to be sure. This one deserves a much higher score. Didn't want to believe it, but its true. For the money, only Raynal (Three Barrels) is better. Both are great go to brandies.


Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Spiced Rum

degbert, Rating: 4.0

When I was a kid, I used to bake with my mom, and I was always disappointed that vanilla smelled so good but was not edible. This rum smells like really good vanilla - but is edible! And good! Rich, sweet, and with a spicy complexity that puts me in mind of warm gingerbread. Captain Morgan continues to surprise me with their competency, and in this case also manages to heal a deep, deep childhood wound. I am complete, and am that much closer to Buddha nature.


Tanqueray Gin

quaygang, Rating: 5.0

My favorite martini gin by far. Reading all of the comments for this gin on this site, Im simply amazed by the variety of opinion. In fact, I was told by a liquor store clerk to stay away from it. I eventually tried it because I am adventurous, and I am always looking toward new gins for my martini. Taste is truly personal. I like this one in a dry martini. It is complex, and tasteful. It also works well in a G&T, and in a Corpse Reviver #2.


Stoli Hot Pepper Vodka

irish_and_angry, Rating: 4.0

Hold onto your butts, this vodka will smack your face around like a cuckolded Russian. There is no debating the pepper flavor of this libation: it is pure jalepeǹo. Unlike many "pepper" vodkas that mix flavors, Stoli Hot is unadulterated jalapeǹo. Great in a bloody mary or Moscow mule, I recommend this vodka for the pepper enthusiast who can taste the difference between a Serrano, jalapeǹo or habanero.


Combier Orange Liqueur

scollings, Rating: 5.0

WOW ! Not sure why this is ranked so low. This is by far the most flavorful of the Orange liqueurs and triple secs. Not easy to find where I am, but well worth the special order. A favorite, to be sure.


Midnight Moon Cherry Moonshine

Muncher, Rating: 1.0

Awful compared to Midnight's Apple Pie. This one tastes like a mixture of Robitussin and rubbing alcohol. Mixers don't even cover it up. I think the only positive thing that you can do with a jar of this (if you make the mistake of buying one) is to give it to a homeless drunk and make his night.

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