What do the Presidential Candidates Drink?

What do the Presidential Candidates Drink?

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Barak Obama yearns for a Cosmopolitan. He can't order it because it would call his masculinity into question but when alone he loves 'em sweet and pink. He dare not drink in front of his wife because she beats him if she catches him. A popular vodka Grey Goose and then mixes it with Cointreau.

John McCain, on the other hand, is bourbon all the way. He drank his fair share of crummy military rum, whatever turned up in Nam, and probably grew up on moonshine. There's only one bourbon for this war hero: a bourbon that'll single-handedly stiffen the resolve of any POW with courage left to spare: George T Stagg Barrel Proof Bourbon. He takes it on the rocks and consults it for fiscal policy.

Joseph Biden: a man who knows how to party! It doesn't appear the guy has passed a sober moment this entire campaign. There's only one drink for him and he always keeps someone on staff who knows how to make it: the little known but potent Fog Cutter made famous by Trader Vics. One of the most fabulous drinks on earth, he uses only Matusalem 10yr Classico Rum. It requires the signature orgeat syrup.

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