Media and Trade

Our Purpose

Our business model is primarily as an information service with a very particular mission: we want to match the most likely consumer with the best possible spirit. Think of Proof66 like a dating service for very shy would-be drinkers. People buy spirits for a lot of different reasons and we try to treat them all: critical acclaim, public acclaim, price, affinity towards bottle style, name, story, or origin… everything we do is to try and give people a reason to buy and explore. Our creed is accessibility, relevance, and clarity; we oppose marketing bullshit and snobbery.

Why This Makes You Money!

Our website was founded in 2008 and has had a very successful lifespan thus far: we’ve grown in traffic every year and continue to add users and community. There are three reasons this should matter to every retailer on the market:
  • Advertising is an obvious option… we have strong traffic in a very particular market segment and will offer advertising space for those products and services that fit our creed. We don’t do random Google ads… we want to advertise for items that fit our audience.
  • More importantly, if you sell spirits online we are greatly interested in linking to your retail site. We offer “BUY NOW” links that enjoy very good conversion rates and take the user directly to the order fulfillment space of your retail site… no general links, we take the extra step to put the user exactly where they need to be. Out of the thousands and thousands of spirits we have listed, only a fraction of those are claimed by retail fronts. We have the capabilities to be sensitive to geographic location and are particularly interested in anyone who can ship to countries outside of the United States.
  • And best of all, our data can be made available to you! The Proof66 website, while successful, is really just a proof-of-concept for what we can provide anybody who wishes it: real-time, lightning fast data services. Our notes, our scores, our data on the particular labels… all of this can be offered to your website and your retail front for a low subscription service freeing you and your business from spending the time translating marketing bullshit yourself. That includes daily updates and thousands of new scores every year from the major judging institutions. You get to pick and choose what data you receive and where it goes on your own store-front. In short, the power of Proof66 can be yours.

Consulting Services and Conference Speaking

Everyone seems to be hanging a shingle out these days to offer consulting services. Here’s the really good news: the Proof66 partnership sprang from the real business world and we’re intimately familiar with consulting in general and how to make it worthwhile. We now have years of “street experience” with spirits, cocktails, judging competitions, and even drunken bouts. We each have a lot of experience in speaking in many different setting to many different audiences. We provide highly entertaining and enlightening presentations on topics ranging from consumer demand for different spirits, the bewildering array of cocktails and how they intimidate, and even how technology will affect the spirit business and its three-tier system.


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