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Cane Run Estate Original Number 12 Blend Rum

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Cane Run Estate Rum is a made from a base of Caribbean sugar cane juice—a style of rum usually associated with French rhum agricole or Brazilian cachaca (most rum is distilled from molasses). The rum blend is made from spirits aged "up to five years" in oak and then given a charcoal filtration to remove the color and soften the taste. This makes a kind of silver, sipping rum highly prized for fruit-forward and herbal cocktails.

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Tango Tango (347)
Rating: 2.0 (2016-08-01)
This rum nose is lite molasses ,caramel with hint of vanilla.The entry and palate is sweet cake frosting,The finish is heated brief with powder sugar and .bitter citrus finish with sugar out of balance. It is not a sipper or a good mixer. The overwhelming sweetness makes it undesirable.
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tnmike1 tnmike1 (56)
Rating: 3.0 (2016-06-10)
First let me say I drink inexpensive rum for my rum and coke. I usually like Bacardi Silver for it's overtones o vanilla. I use Mexican Coke which is made from cane sugar. OK... Stage is set. Tried this with my coke and tasted nothing. No vanilla no sweetness. No nuttin. Now it's OK in a mojito but that's about it. Some say it's OK straight but I wouldn't do it. Bottom line.. In my area of Tennessee it's less than Bacardi but you get what you pay for. Yeah...that ol cliche Revising this a few day later. OK so it doesn't have the vanilla overtone of Bacardi. Still has an interesting flavor that does mix well with coke. I still like Bacardi Silver but this has a taste all its own
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