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Cardinal Spirits Tiki Rum

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Cardinal Spirits Tiki rum is made from a blend of molasses and sugar cane juice, the former being the traditional source of North American and Caribbean rum while the latter is a style more closely associated with French rhum agricole or Brazilian cachaca. They use a hefeweizen beer yeast for fermentation and distill to 150 proof (rather low) and these contribute to the fruit flavor notes present on the profile.

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How To Drink It

92 Points Cocktail

1½oz Cardinal Tiki Rum

1oz pineapple juice

½oz ginger syrup

½oz lemon juice

2 dashes of [angostura] bitters

Shake all ingredients and strain over ice. Top with 1oz ginger beer and garnish with a mint sprig.

[Recommended by the producers; strikes our staff as a Dark and Stormy pineapple variation.]

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