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Club Caribe Coconut Flavored Rum

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Club Caribe rum is a a line of very lightly proofed (we dare guess sweetened and almost liqueur-like) flavored rums coming out of Florida Distillers. The brand itself comes from Club Caribe Distillers of Puerto Rico who sell the rum in bulk to be bottled (and, we guess, flavored) in Florida. According to the press release, the site is founded on an old Glaxo SmithKline plant (pharmaceuticals) where bottled water operations already exist. 

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ferretferret ferretferret (21)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-01-11)
I'm only leaving this review because no one else has, and I feel that there are probably curious souls who'd like at least SOME perspective on the bottle. I've never had another coconut rum; I've barely had much of any rum, actually. However, I really do like how this tastes. Not too sweet, not too indomitable a burn... It just adds the flavor of coconut to anything. Hopefully, this gives at least a little bit of perspective. I wish I could say more, but, I figured something was better than nothing at all. If you like flavored rums and the taste of coconut, this definitely won't turn you off of either.
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