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Monkey Rum is a brand founded by Zane Lamprey and Ian Crystal in 2014 aimed at using natural flavors and fewer added sugars than competing flavored rums on the market. Lamprey is the celebrity personality known for shows like Drinking Made Easy and Chug. The rums are barrel aged and the bottle itself is ribbed to emphasize this fact.

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Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (173)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-10-10)
Oh no… not a sipping rum, this! Monkey is a spiced rum that by itself comes off a little syrupy; a little sweet; a little—it must be said—puzzling. Yet ask yourself: who buys spiced rum to drink straight? No one we know. In cocktails, the Monkey springs to life elevating the flavors in a variety of cocktails much better than its peers. While we expect it won’t fare well in tastings and competitions, it should be eagerly embraced by hosts who are proud of the table they keep. Mix it confidently in anything that requires 2 or 3 ingredients by the pitcher instead of the tincture… cola, coconut, tiki drinks… it dazzles in them all. In company, Monkey Spiced Rum is the life of the party.
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