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Mount Gay Distilleries Black Barrel Barbados Rhum

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Mount Gay Black Barrel rum was first launched in April, 2013 on the brand's declared 310th anniversary. The rum itself is a blend of both pot still rums and continuous column rums. It is an aged rum spending time in ex-bourbon barrels prior to bottling.

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Yankel W. Yankel W. (84)
Rating: 4.0 (2015-09-06)
I am a Rum novice. I picked up a bottle of this along with a SB Bourbon, intending to sample both. I opened the Rum first, and have not as yet opened the SB Bourbon. (Might be awhile on the Bourbon.) The nose is delicate, in that it is somewhat fruity but of a different order than a whiskey. There is a presence of "shellac" in the fragrance, but that is the normal consequence of distilling sugar, I think. The first sip is puzzling, a bit peppery but not anything like a straight vodka, the sugar begins but there are other hints of vanilla and other delightful tastes. A bit of water opens up the nose and the full swig on the palate and the finish is very "tasty". The dram is sitting 2 feet away and I can smell the fragrance here - strong and pleasant, but not anything like grain mash. Nothing sour here. The finish is still a bit peppery but also smooth, and it warms going down the gullet. Warms, not burns. There is a hint of oak but it is an afterthought. I chose this on Cap'n Jimbo's recommend and also the Mt. Gay Rums show up "clean" on his sugar list. This delightful stuff is paired with coral-filtered spring water from St. Lucy-Barbados. While this is refreshingly "good" it is too expensive. Obviously, moving on to the XO at $50 ain't gonna happen. The Black Barrel should fall within a good Bourbon range, tops $25 or lower. I think $23 would be perfect.This is a delightful dram but there isn't enough there to make an addict "in spite of price". But, it is tasty stuff. Tasted straight and room temp, and then also with a 1/4 teaspoon of good water. There is no age statement but this is priced with Appleton's 12 yr Rum. The taste lingers, honey and almost apple-sugars. This stuff is good. If a large swig is taken and swallowed, the oak fumes out the nose - but only a hint of the cask. What a relief from those oak-heavy bourbons where the oak overwhelms and likely protects a poor "run". Credit to Cap'n Jimbo for his Sugar Test list and this distillery tested "Not Guilty". No sugar addition is necessary when the run is this good.
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