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Mount Gay Sugar Cane Brandy Aged Rum

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Mount Gay Distilleries traces its brand of rum all the way to 1663 and claim to be the "oldest brand of rum in existence." It was founded by two officers: Ensign Abel Gay and Lt William Gay and the label still bears their name to this day. 

The Mount Gay Website offers this note about the strange "Brandy" in the title:

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CapnJimbosRumProject CapnJimbosRumProject (34)
Rating: 4.0 (2010-08-09)
At The Rum Project (link follows) Sue Sea and I have independently reviewed and scored over 120 rums, including the now discontinued Sugar Cane label. What a shame! Actually the rum does present similarly to an aged cane juice rum, but is absolutely made from molasses. You'll be surprised by our complete review of this rum and many more, here: At The Rum Project (link follows) Sue Sea and I have independently reviewed and scored over 120 rums, not least Mount Gay Extra Old, which we consider the reference standard for Bajan rums. Buy this rum and get to know it well - it is the standard by which you can compare and judge other rums, greater or lesser. But mostly lesser. For our complete review/score and many, many more:
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