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Parce 12yr Colombia Rum

Bottle/Rating Data

  • Tier/Percentile : 90th Percentile
    Proof66 Rating : 583 / 785 0 Parce 12yr Colombia Rum
    Rabble Rating : Unrated
    Type: Aged Rum
    Producer and Owner: Parce Rum
    Origin: Colombia Colombia
    ABV: 40.0% Proof: 80.0
    Price (USD) : $60
    Age: 12


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Proof66 Notes

Parce rums—which apparently translate as "good friend"—is a line of rum aged, blended, and bottled in Colombia (though the rum itself is distilled in Panama). The rum is made with no additives (refreshing in the sometimes shadowy world of rum production) made from a base of molasses and sugar cane juice. The 12yr expression is aged in American White Oak.

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