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Ron Centenario Fundacion XX Años Reserva Especial Rum

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Ron Centenario are a line of rums produced in Costa Rica made from sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses. This would make it a kind of rhum agricole French style of rum or perhaps a Brazilian cachaca style of rum. Centenario XX Anos rum is their premium expression offered in a leather-wrapped bottle.

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jaketaz jaketaz (236)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-10-20)
Normally I wouldn't care for such an elaborately packaged bottle - usually that's a sign they're compensating for something. But I found this at a Winn Dixie store for 50% off, and a $20, 20yr rum is a must-buy. I don't know much about Costa Rican booze, but I'm willing to check out some more of it if this is any indication of what I'm in for. Rich, smooth, chocolate fudge taste with zero harshness, after some airing out it gets some of the familiar prune flavor that you'll experience with many good aged rums. It's similar to Zacapa 23, but that rum tastes more complex and smoothed out. Would make a fine Cuba Libre, probably a great Mai Tai too or as a little addition to a tiki drink like a Zombie. Good stuff and you won't be disappointed, but I would personally rather spend the extra $5 for some Zacapa 23yr.
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