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Tiburón Rum

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Tiburon Rum is made in Belize from a blend of rums aged between 4 and 6 years. Tiburon is translated as "shark" and was founded as a brand by Basil DeStafano

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thefatrumpirate thefatrumpirate (6)
Rating: 2.0 (2015-03-31)
The bottle advises that the "tannins" help colour the spirit and impart subtle hints of vanilla and oaky accents. The rum is a nice golden brown colour, in keeping I feel with the age of the spirit. When poured in the glass it is slightly lighter an almost straw colour. The nose of the Tiburon (unlike I suspect its Spanish namesake) is very muted. I'm very surprised that it smells like rum firstly. The One Barrel was one of the most altered rums I have ever had the misfortune to try. I had suspected the worst with Tiburon but it does seem that Travellers have at least attempted to produce a more rum like experience with Tiburon. There is a little sweet brown sugar on the nose and faint touches of vanilla. I'm not really getting a nose that I would expect from an aged Premium rum. More of a younger mixing rum. It's not bad it's just quite bland and inoffensive. On with the tasting. The rum is very smooth and easy to sip. I detect possibly a little added sugar but whilst it might be rounding out the rough edges of the spirit I am not being overwhelmed with sugary flavours. There is a certain amount of oakiness in the rums profile. Which suggests some honest ageing. Vanilla is present after an initial very short burst of sweetness. It's not prominent so it doesn't offend my tastebuds too much. Although this a marketed as a Premium rum I am going to mix the rum as I am finding a lot in its profile which would suggest it would work best as that. Mixed with cola Tiburon makes a perfectly acceptable rum and cola. A squeeze of limeTiburon Rum Review by the fat rum pirate adds much needed fruit flavour, but the drink is reasonably well balanced and the spirit does not exhibit much alcohol burn. It's fine but inoffensive. If Tiburon Rum was being sold for say around £20 and as more of a mixer than a Premium product (I'd cut some of the marketing as well) then I could probably cut it a little more slack. It would probably find itself in my bar more often at this pricepoint. However, with so many really great rums available at the £35 pricepoint (and below) recommending buying Tiburon over a lot of those rums would be madness really. Tiburon has a lot in common with Bajan rum. However, the best comparison I feel I can make is to that of Cruzan Single Barrel Estate. Cruzan is slightly better as it offers a few more flavours but both are quite "safe" so-so rums. Bajan rums such as Doorlys XO and Cockspur 12 offer more fruit flavours in the profile and as sippers or mixers offer a more complex taste experience. Tiburon Rum is a million times better than One Barrel and fair play to Travellers for laying off the additives. However, trying to place a product aged for around 4 years in the £35 price market is madness. Even an 8 year old rum at that price is pushing it a bit. I'm not a double digit rum snob but if Travellers are serious about entering the Premium rum market then the answer is really simple. Age this longer.
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