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3 Amigos Blanco Organic Tequila

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San Francisco WSC

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3 Amigos Tequilas was founded by the same Gonzalez family that has operated G Farms for over 20 years. Recently, they branched out into tequila. They grow their own agave for the tequila production and are produced with organic farming methods, including the absence of any chemicals.

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This bottle has 2 ratings and 2 reviews.
NeatPour NeatPour (360)
Rating: 3.0 (2013-08-09)
This I liked but it's all about the price point (which seems to range dramatically). It's head and shoulders better than the typical bar blanco's but I'm a el tesoro groupie so if the price point is close I think you should stick with ET but if you can find this for $20 less then go for it. It is high quality stuff. Smooth & very tasty neat... I went in with low expectations & was pretty impressed.
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TheSippingLife TheSippingLife (145)
Rating: 4.0 (2011-04-12)
I had a glass of this Blanco with some good Mexican food. This is a quality tequila that is a great value. Its very flavorful, taking a sweet tone that isn sugary, but more floral. Theres still the pepper of a tequila in there, but it doesn take center stage. And, this has smoothness to boot. Im very impressed with this one, as it flat-out blows away any major brand Ive had like Hornitos or Sauza for the price point. It has plenty of depth, smoothness, and overall quality to heartily recommend. I doubt youll be disappointed with this one.
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