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Chaya Silver 100% de Agave Tequila

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Chaya tequilas were founded by former Kahlua president Albert Berensten, who had the dual purpose of presenting extraordinary tequila in an extraordinary bottle.
Chaya Silver or Blanco tequila is the un-aged expression from the label, presenting clear from the time it came off the still.

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JBalI17 JBalI17 (2)
Rating: 2.0 (2015-06-11)
I agree with lpy89's review. I bought a 375ml bottle because it was on sale for $10 at BevMo. this tequila is way too floral and burns the whole way. Better than college tequila, but still unenjoyable to me. I've heard some say that the reposado is nice, but after trying this one, I don't know if a few months of aging will tone down the floral scent to the point where I can tolerate it. I can't even take it as a mixer. There are much better tequilas to try than this one.
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lpy89 lpy89 (223)
Rating: 3.0 (2015-04-29)
A good, flavorful blanco with beautiful-looking bottle. Has extremely rich floral and citrusy nose with agave. In the mouth you get lemon-candy flavor with the floral and fruity notes. This sounds rather strange but this tequila reminds me of vodkas with rich citrus notes (e.g. ciroc). Finishes rather rougher than many other blancos i've tried, i'm probably gonna use this more as mixer rather than drink it straight.
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