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El Ultimo 100% de Agave Blanco Tequila

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El Ultimo Blanco tequila is the unaged, straight-from-the-still spirit.

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Fitzgerald1119 Fitzgerald1119 (39)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-09-08)
Four stars.. Makes a good drink, has a great price, and has a decent enough flavor to let someone know whether they are going to like tequila or not... give it a try if you can, its worth the $16
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AlfredReece1992 AlfredReece1992 (30)
Rating: 4.0 (2014-07-10)
Not the smoothest spirit I've ever had, but definitely something worth trying. The initial smell was slightly off putting to me, because I wasn't used to agave. This is the first 100% de agave tequila and I'll never buy a mixto again. Especially since this was cheaper than most of the silver blancos with better taste. I openly admit I'm no expert but I would recommend this tequila to anyone wanting to get into tequila.
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TheSippingLife TheSippingLife (145)
Rating: 3.0 (2012-10-23)
This blanco took several glasses to win even my thinnest approval, because frankly, its first impression was not a standout one for me. It is fairly watery in mouth feel, and its flavor profile is all up front, with nearly no finish, which tells me it needs to be bottled at a higher proof, or that some corners are cut in production. All of this detracts from the claim made in the brand's name, that this is the ultimate in 100% agave spirit, or at least the best harvest of agave any tequila can lay claim to. Ultimo this definitely is not. The typical tequila pepper is there, along with basil, mint, and a cachaca-like vegetal quality. There is a faint, flowery side of the flavor as well. The nose itself is heavy pepper, with a touch of barbecue and spiced meats, but I find this tequila to be generally mediocre. It gets an 'alright' rating from me. Maybe at some point in the future I'll build up enough financial courage to try the reposado and anejo versions.
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