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Kirkland Signature Añejo 100% Agave Tequila

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Kirkland Signature brands is a line dedicated to--as well as owned and managed by--Costco, the warehouse member retailer that has had a large liquor inventory for some time.

Their anejo tequila is made by Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, who craft a number of specialty (and reputable) tequilas. The Kirkland will have acquired its color from at least 12 months of aging in oak prior to bottling, giving it a soft, whiskey-like flavor.

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Weaselwhisky Weaselwhisky (72)
Rating: 4.3 (2017-03-08)
A sip of this is a nice vacation down(or up if you live below) to Mexico. One pour is good enough and I'm back home! The nose is much to be desired, maybe some agave but mostly alcohol. Tasting wise is entirely something else: very earthen, oak dominating and tobacco char that I can't quite describe. The way this product was aged or the barrels used makes it standout against other tequilas, and the price sweetens the deal. Not good as normal tequila mixers(and generally regarded as a sipper), but if wanting to mix let the tequila dictate the flavors to keep company with.(Personally had it with a spiked hot chocolate, works good. Perhaps best to mix with other darker liquids)
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NeatPour NeatPour (357)
Rating: 3.0 (2013-09-23)
When spending $20 for a tequila my expectations are pretty low... And this easily surpasses them. I've only had it neat and it was pretty solid, a little hot on the alcohol taste side but a nice little sipper nonetheless. I will say this, if you buy Jose (disgusting) and you have a Costco card, then you need to be buying this. Waaaay better... For under $20 I haven't found any better
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bearmark bearmark (29)
Rating: 3.0 (2012-03-31)
Strong nose and very forward flavor of oak and mild smoke. Agave bite hits later and things tend to smooth out on the tail end. Not a very good mixer because it overpowers the drink, but its okay for sipping. I prefer something smoother and more refined, but the price is unbeatable for essentially an Extra Anejo.
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